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Meg (pink_laydee101) wrote,
@ 2005-10-03 20:33:00
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    O my goodness...

    -- Josh -- says:
    megan do you realize that nothing has changed between us from when we were just friends to now?
    --megan* says:
    yeah, and i wish that it would
    --megan* says:
    Everytime I try to step it seems like you take it down...
    -- Josh -- says:
    i dont know what it is...i feel like since we started dating that we have grown apart and that we were better when we were friends
    --megan* says:
    I don't agree lol...I really don't want to be just friends...
    --megan* says:
    do u wanna give it one more chance tell me what u want..
    -- Josh -- says:
    i dont know megan...i mean i feel like we grew apart and that we were closer when we were friends
    --megan* says:
    well...Josh I'm not even joking when I say I don't want to be just friends, and I will do ANYTHING for us to stay dating
    -- Josh -- says:
    so if i say that i dont think i want to give it another shot cause i dont see anything changin..then you dont want to be friends either?
    --megan* says:
    well yeah, but Josh just give it one more chance. I'll do anything..I'm not even joking
    -- Josh -- says:
    megan i dont see anything changing...and i felt like i was closer to you when we were friends...i mean it just may be me and i may not be able to take it past a friend level with you but i dont know...just nothing has changed
    --megan* says:
    give it one more chance Josh. Please..
    -- Josh -- says:
    i dont think i can i mean i dont see anything changing megan...i think me and you are just meant to be friends
    --megan* says:
    Josh, more chance. And if it doesn't work I'll accept it. Please one more chance
    -- Josh -- says:
    this is like the second try in a way megan...and still nothing has changed i have waited for it too...but we havent gotten closer...if anything i feel as if we have grown apart
    --megan* says:
    how has this been a 2nd time?
    --megan* says:
    I don't see it as a 2nd time. Josh please..
    - Josh -- says:
    i dont know megan...i'm sorry but i dont think i can...i just see us as friends and if you dont want that then let me know
    --megan* says:
    Josh..I'm begging you. Just this last time give it one more shot. Please
    -- Josh -- says:
    megan i cant...i'm just hasnt changed...i'm sorry
    --megan* says:
    --megan* says:
    I guess I can accept it.
    --megan* says:
    I'm gonna have to

    Why the hell can't I ever be happy?
    What the hells wrong with me for this to always happen. No matter WHAT I do..
    Ah..I'm not as bad off as I thought I would be.
    Actually, I'm not that bad.
    It feels the same...
    how strange.

    But I really am ok

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