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c A S S I E (pink_babii) wrote,
@ 2002-12-31 00:11:00
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    Current mood:weird
    Current music:[[ nothing ]]

    ;] *

    hey everyone! wut uup..nuthin here Im so bored. I really should be sleeping bc who doesnt need the extra beauty sleep u kno?! oh well! hehe. umm I havent done like anything over vaca..its so booring! + the weather has been all shitty so no beach, no boats! ..or sun..or even FUN! nothing to do. i saw 'catch me if you can' wit leo dicRapio [sorry, had to do it ;] tonite. hehe wow is he hottttttt dayum! + i drank a lil wit my friend woopie lol. oh well its all gravyy.

    ya kno wut i hate? how i ALWAYS seem to have the biggest crushes on guys that are wayy outta my league. it really sucks + pisses me off. i cant get anyone that i seem to like..ugh it makes me so mad. + its the worst feeling too..bc i cant help who i like + who gives me butterflies. even if i dont even kno them. they could be the biggest a$shole but yet i still fall...+ keep fallin + hit the ground hard! lol when i realize that theyre not for me or i dont have a chance. oh well life goes on!!!!

    anyways! how do u like the new layout? i pretty much to the same thing wit different colors so um get used to it! lol..unlesss someone wants to help me? you dont hafta but only if you would like to ;]* i made the icon myself guys! ya should be proud of me..Im creative but not talented to do that kinda stuff! haha

    well have an awesome nEW yEARS!! ..dont do anything i wouldnt do! ..ha ;]

    c A S S I E<33

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