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Brooke (pink42marmalade) wrote,
@ 2003-09-14 12:37:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:the hummin of the toilet

    mood: Chipper
    music: Mandy Moore -Could've Been
    mood: Thirsty
    music: Stuck in the middle
    Current mood: Thirsty
    Current taste: Coffee Beans
    Current hair: blonde, pink, brown longish in front and short and spiky in back
    Current clothes: hoody and jeans
    Current annoyance: Devin
    Current smell:Coffee Beans
    Current windows open: AIM, Explorer, Notepad
    Current desktop picture: my 4th grade softball picture
    Current favorite band:idk
    Most listened to: ----
    Current book: White Fox Chronicles
    Current cds in walkman: my tears for fears one
    Current crush:blah
    Current favorite celeb: JimCarey
    Current hate:Tarantulas
    Current job: Unemployed

    =The last time=

    Last book you read: Strays like us
    Last movie you saw: Jay and Silent Bob
    Last thing you had to drink:Dr. Pepper
    Last time you showered:yesterday
    Last thing you ate:bacon egg and cheese biscuit
    Last person you talked to on the phone:my dad

    =Do You=

    Smoke?:cigarettes are gross
    Do drugs?: i am a just say noer
    Have sex?: nope
    Given oral sex?: havent finished:/
    Received oral sex?:nope
    Have a dream that keeps coming back?: no recently
    Play an instrument?:no
    Believe there is life on other planets?:idk
    Remember your first love? yeah
    Still love him/her?: as a person
    Read the newspaper?: no
    Have any gay or lesbian friends? no
    Believe in miracles?: yah
    Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?:idk
    Consider yourself tolerant of others?: yea
    Consider love a mistake?: No
    Like the taste of alcohol?:not really
    Have a favorite candy?: do i haveto pick?
    Believe in astrology?:sometimes
    Believe in magic?: maybe
    Believe in god?: YES!
    Have any pets: no
    Do well in school? Kinda
    Go to or plan to go to college: Yes
    Wear hats?: no
    Have any piercings?:my button?
    Have any tattoos?:no
    Hate yourself?: i dont HATE myself
    Have an obsession?: food:(
    Have a secret crush?:no
    Do they know yet?: ---
    Collect anything?:----
    Have a best friend?: yeha Taylor
    Close friends?: Taylor..Elyse..Shelly..Kenny..Sara..
    Wish on stars?: never worked
    Like your handwriting?: haha noone else does
    Care about looks?: mine yes unfortunetly

    =Love life=

    First crush: Collin Levendusky or Taylor Kuhlman
    First kiss: Cordell Bagby
    Single or attached?: Attached :(
    Ever been in love?: not yet
    Do you believe in love at first sight? nah
    Do you believe in "the one?": yea i hope
    Describe your ideal significant other: funny, dorky,nice smile, and sweet

    =Juicy stuff=

    Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: dont think so
    Have you ever been intoxicated?: juss a buzz
    Favorite place to be kissed?: lips or neck
    Have you ever been caught "doing something?":no
    Are you a tease?: i dont think so
    Shy to make the first move?:depends who he is

    =Are you a=

    Wuss: Yeah
    Druggy: no.
    Daydreamer: omg yes
    Freak:no but i have some freakish traits
    Dork: yap
    Bitch/Asshole: i try but sometimes i mess it up
    Brat: haha no
    Sarcastic: sometimes
    Goody-goody: i hope not
    Devil: nah
    Shy: around new people
    Talkative: people cant get me to shut up
    Flirty: innocently?

    =Word association=

    Rubber gloves: doctor
    Rock: granite
    Green: JELLO
    Wet: rain
    Cry: tear
    Peanut: butter
    Hay: hoe
    Cold: ice
    Steamy: sauna
    Fast: furious?
    Freaky: taylor
    Rain: drop
    Bite: reeses bites
    Suck: taylor
    Blow: taylor!
    Hard: TAYLOR!

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