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PineappleRacer (pineappleracer) wrote,
@ 2004-01-17 09:46:00
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    Current music:my brother's annoying, pleading voice

    It's a Beautiful Morning
    Last night I chatted with me cuzzie, Luke, for a little too long and then chatted with Elliott for a little too strange. Then I watched this VH1 thing on Micheal Jackson, which was non-biased, in my opinion. That made me smile. :-D

    Then I watched an awesome old movie on TMC called, "The Spiral Staircase." It was black and white (as all entertaining movies are) and was about this mute girl who was going to be murdered and such and such. The murderer had murdered many times before, her grandmother or something tried to warn her, the girl saw the murderer and tries to call 911 but she can't talk, so that bombs. Then she walks down this spiral staircase but as she's on the way down, she sees the murderer standing at the bottom waiting to kill her. So, crazy ol' grandmother comes to save the day and shoots the guy with her shotgun. He falls to the ground, and then granny faints. Steven pops out of no where and helps granny while the girl calls the doc. She starts TALKING again, yeehaw! And she starts crying because it's all been too much to handle. THE END. It was good. And today I'm watching King Kong. (1970s version, though :()
    Currently Feeling: BETTER THAT BEFORE

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