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PineappleRacer (pineappleracer) wrote,
@ 2004-01-08 14:28:00
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    Current music:Ugly Casanova - Parasites

    Staying home from school is heavenly, but every hour, you have a 5 minute period where you realize that you've had enough of this lazy lifestyle. I just had mine.
    I had started watching QVC (home shopping channel) at 10:00 and had watched the whole 2 hours of the opal jewelry gem week special. During that time, I had a pizza and some ginger ale. Then, I half-watched the "Bath Shop" hour, which was about Egyptian cotton towels and stuff. I was trying to get my math homework done during that. After that, it was "Home Style" which I watched intensively while listening to my iPod. (I had the captions on the TV, so I'd feel like I was being smart and reading a book.) Then I read "The Joy Luck Club" for about 5 minutes while waiting for my chamomile tea to heat up and then steep. If I remember correctly, I then read the comics, watched a bit of the "Koos of Course" fashion special (which I thought was painfully boring), then ended up here. Thank lordy that I got myself away from that TV, I was going insane. I'm tempted to buy the stuff on that channel now, and I'm afraid I actually will. (Especially those water-resistant, floating lanterns that I saw yesterday during the "Fun and Leisure" show.) :julieDrools:
    And I love hearing people calling in too, from Tennesee, Texas, California, New York, etc. Total fun. In fact, one caller said she was home sick today and had been watching all morning! (Just like me! Yeehaw!) :-D
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