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PineappleRacer (pineappleracer) wrote,
@ 2004-01-05 20:31:00
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    Current music:some nature guy - Jazz Loon CD

    Ferrero Rocher
    I never used to like them. Too chocolately to handle. Now they're starting to grow on me. Is that a good thing?

    1.) Jeremiah broke his arm snowboarding.

    2.) I finished all my homework. (see #6 for the bad news)

    3.) I'm worried about my math quiz on Wednesday.

    4.) I'm worried about my cello lesson on Wednesday.

    5.) I'm stressed about whether or not to buy POTC on DVD now or wait until the package from Jamie and Lisa comes, since they might have gotten it for us.

    6.) How will I get all my homework done, get Oliver practiced, and get my leisure time in tomorrow if I'm going to be at Art Club for two hours?

    1----Ouch. I did tell him I hoped his arm gets better soon. And I advised him to get people to draw on his cast.

    2-----Nothing rare, but I'm glad. Let's hope I can TOMORROW.

    3-----Math has never been my strong suit. I just want to get an A this quarter. I'm at a 90% as we speak. Let's hope it STAYS at an A.

    4-----Oliver, Oliver, how you spoil my sweet days of youth. I've been cramming practice since Sunday eve. I've already done about 2/3 a week's worth. But, I think/hope she'll understand that it was the holiday and I was taking it easy. AND my cello was REALLY outta tune.

    5-----Pointless, why worry. Just wait. I'm such a freak-out person.

    6-----I guess I'll have to kiss my TV/computer time goodbye.

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