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PineappleRacer (pineappleracer) wrote,
@ 2004-01-04 17:11:00
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    Current music:Van Morrison - Moondance

    Super Fun Bookclub Eve
    Book club was really fun. After we talked about the book, people who don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom, how shaking hands isn't exactly sanitary, and all this other awesome stuff, Camille, Danielle, Robbie, and I went outside to play soccer. We were laughing a LOT and yelling and stuff and then this random lady yelled from her window on the second floor, "You all should stop making so much noise, you're not supposed to be on the grass anyway!" So we sat in silence for a moment then Camille yelled, "TIME TO GO INSIDE!" and we shuffled back in for more tea, fruit thingies on toothpicks (coustesy of me), Rice Krispie Treats (courtesy of me), cookies, lemonade, juice, baby carrots, and celery.
    What a charming eve it's been. And guess what else? Oliver is tuned! HUzzAH!

    I did a story for English about a bear activist who was mauled by a bear. Startlingly enough, there was an article in the paper today about something like that that happened. I can't wait to tell my teach that!

    I watched October Sky today. I cannot believe how much Jake Gyllenhaal resembles Tobey Maguire. It's like a carbon copy. I kept getting them mixed up. It's a little harder to notice in Spiderman, but believe me....Watch October Sky and it's going to be obvious!
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