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PineappleRacer (pineappleracer) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 22:31:00
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    Current music:The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So

    Oliver is Insane
    Had dindin at Adrilou's, as I said before. Adrilou, Robbie, Camille, me, and Jake where there. Muy funnies and yummies. We had asparagus soup (don't scream, it was good), sauseges (how do you spell that? Not the way I spelt it, that's all I know), and some other stuff. I'm too frustrated to list.
    Stupid Oliver is so out of tune that I can't fix him. I can usual turn his tuning things a little and all is nifty, but he is seriously freaking out. I did not practice at all this whole break and I was going to a lot tonight. My lesson's on Wedsey and I have a feeling things won't go well. (For your information, Oliver is my cello, I named him, I should have said that in the first place.) Help me.
    On the acutely brighter side, my cousin Luke, in Iowa, forfilled his promise and gave my uncle a Maroon 5 poster he got from a concert they did at his college. (Lucky college ducks.) So my uncle came by to give that to me, as well and a wagonload of presents for my mom.
    Well, I must go. 1.) To cry over my certain death on Wednesday 2.) To watch a movie and 3.) Get the new pictures I got mounted on my wall.
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