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Behind Blue Eyes (pina_colada_69) wrote,
@ 2003-07-03 01:58:00
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    Current mood: happy

    Jac and I went to the movies today to see Legally Blonde 2. It was stupid, but funny. We went to Marble Slab afterwards, then to Taco Bell. When I got home, i got on the internet to talk to THIS HOTTIE NAMED LEVI.

    qTpieMo24: hey
    Shocka eUc: hey
    Shocka eUc: i was just about to call you

    Haha I love seeing that. I got to see Levi tonight! Yea i was pretty excited..cus this morning i wus all like "i wanna see him..." then i got to. We went to Sonic...then to Whataburger (yes, after i had just had ice cream and Taco Bell...)

    Jack called me tonight! Ahh, I miss him so much! He was my freshman sadie date, for anyone who has no idea who that is. He goes to NCS, not Klein Collins. If you want to check him out, go to: hmm ok im goin..oh yea, CHECK OUT JACK!!! my lil hottie Well when i was w/ Levi, Megan Donovan called my cell and she was like "heyy yall should come over cus i'm really bored..." So we went over there and stayed awhile. I think we left around 11:35 ish, then Levi and I went driving around and he brought me home. Damn, I really hate when I have to leave him.

    Shocka eUc: i'm glad i got to see you tonight
    Me too Levi :)

    I'm off to bed now, Night!


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