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Sylvia (pimpettebaby90) wrote,
@ 2003-07-10 09:18:00
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    Current mood:crazy
    Current music:50 Cent - 21 questions

    Jus Chilled
    Hey, hey, hey! So.. today I did pretty much nothing... yes I kno.. my life is very.. BORING...lolz! Um... I went to mah cuz's baseball game.. yes Alex! lolz! I was bored lolz. And.. Uh.. I wet online lolz I kno how interesting? lolz! Well Jess was practically on all day so I wasnt to lonely lolz! OH Yea! Today is day 2 of me N Jake goin out hehe! And its 2 bad he was in NORTH CAROLINA all day! Lolz! I missed him sooo much! Okay now, back 2 Jess lolz! Shes a great friend lolz! (didnt kno wut 2 say lolz Jess) Um.... Shes a great person.. loz... N Shes one of mah best friends! lolz! And.. She jus got back from Las Vegas lolz! Shes sooo lucky! lolz Jess! Ur probably wonderin why I keep talkin bout Jess huh? SHE MADE ME! lolz! But everything wrote bout her is true! Lolz! Well.. "G" didnt come ova 2day so sad lolz! He hurt is leg... lolz.. I think he comin ova 2marro tho 4 those who care and kno who he is lolz! Well... ttyl.. I'll make anotha entry 2marro ok peace! I love you! Especially you Nikki! Lolz! Oh yea.. and... uh.... wuts her name?...da 1 who wanted me 2 put her in mah Journal um.. oh yea... I member now its... JESS! lolz I luv ya 2! Hell I luv all ya"ll! Mwah!

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