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-Stina- (pimpettebabii) wrote,
@ 2003-10-26 08:20:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:3 6 Mafia & Project Pat ~ Baby Momma

    ( All about last night )
    whoa, its been a long as time since i wrote in a blurty. i figured i mine as well get a new name since my old one was all about my ex-boyfriend drew and yeah. (hurleypimpette) <~~~ thats the username is any of you wanna check it out of something. but anyways, around 12ish ( in the afternoon ) i headed out to my friend chelz house, i was gunna go take her little brother, DJ, to look at this buick because i need a new car, but the dumbass lady called and said it dont start right now but we can go and look at it still just to look at the inside and outside. i was like im not gunna waste a damn trip if the car dont work. but yeah so i just went to chelz and chilled for a little while. then we ended up going to mejiers to get her older brothers girlfriend something for hr birthday and shit...well we couldnt find nothing there but we found out mejiers is doing a little trick or treat we went around and did that. :) it was funn! lol! but after we left mejiers we went to family dollar, AKA the save store, to get something for the chicks birthday and we finally found something. then we wnt to get something to eat and then headed over to this chick amandas house and chilled there for a little while. then went back to chelz house because i had to wait til after 4*30ish to get some money from my mom and shit. because thats when she went into work and she works right by chelz house. but yeah anyways, after we did all this we went to go see Scary Movie 3 at 5*50ish and OMG the begining was the fucking best and funniest...but the end was kind of lame!!!!!!!!! but yeah after we got done with the movie we headed out to the haunted house and we ended up having to wait in lane for an hour, but it wasnt that cold so it was alright with me! and when we finally got into the haunted house.........OMG it was the fucking best and scariest and i kept throwing chelz into the scary peoples because i didnt want them to come and eat me and shit. lol! but after i droped chelz off at home i went home and went to bed and woke up around 7ish because i had a damn charlie horse thingy in my leg and it wouldnt go away! but yeah nothing else good is going on. so imma go for now and write in here when theres something good! lol! bye byes~ <3 Stina <3

    ( Scream Scream Scream Scream! )

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