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-Stina- (pimpettebabii) wrote,
@ 2003-10-29 14:05:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Trishia Year..~ Shes In Love With The Boy

    ( Babys Heart Beat ) kind of depressed and feeling like shit! member how i said i was gunna call drew and shit because of that email he sent me, well i did and i left a message, well a couple, and he never called me back. so im kind of bumed out. because i really like/love him and i just wanted to talk to him last night. i mean nothing big, just say hey and shit! ya know? well yeah anyways, i went to the docs today about my baby, because i got every 4 weeks. well i found out im 10 weeks and 6 days as of yeah i further than i thought i was. :) which makes me a little more happier! but i also got to hear my babys heartbeat while i was at the docs. it was so werid sounding and it was cute! lol! but i got back to the docs Nov. 26th on a wensday. lol, go figure! but i guess ill try and call drew tonight or something because i wanna talk to him really bad. but imma go now because i think imma lay down or something, i feel like shit. bye byes~ -Stina-

    ( Depression and love sucks ass...why the fuck do they have to make them? UGHHH! )

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