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Piink and Lovely -- (piinkx) wrote,
@ 2003-10-27 20:10:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:none

    * favorites survey --
    basics -- getting to know you.

    name ; whitley michelle guthrie
    nicknames ; whit, whitsturr, piink [ story behind ], baby blue, big jugs, hooters
    birthdate ; un-appropriate gesture for everyone access.
    description ; long blonde hair, dark blue eyes
    height ; tallish ; range -- 5'8" - 5' 10 " [ you guess. ]
    weight ; a lady never tells. okay message me if you wanna know.
    breast size ; 36D -- varies in type of bra.
    ass description ; nice, bubbly, round, big.
    complexion ; medium tone

    drink & food -- the stuff you want.
    chips ; munchies -- preference ; classic
    tortilla & salsa
    mac & cheese ; velveta ; shells
    mexican food ; chicken and cheese enchiladas.
    breakfast drink ; pepsi ; apple ; and O.J.
    mcdonald's stuff ; double quarterpounded w/ ketchup only & french fries. supersized w/ coke
    arby's stuff ; #4 - upsized - no honey mustard - w. coke to drink - and an order of large cheese sticks
    burger king's stuff ; grilled sourdough bacon cheeseburger w/ ketchup only - large fries - coke 2 drink
    breakfast food ; sausage biscuit, sausage egg & cheese biscuit, gravy biscuit, and bologna egg & cheese biscuit
    drink ; coke, pepsi, & sprite
    sweet stuff ; brownies, fudge rounds, chocolate chip cookies, anything chocolate!

    clothes -- a neccesity.
    shirt ; something comfy or shows off body curves & cleavage
    pants ; big or fits nice and snugg shows ass nicely
    shoes ; flip flops, tennis shoes, & house shoes
    bed clothes ; baggy t-shirt, sports bra, pj pants, & socks

    scented -- yummy smells.
    shampoo ; pantene pro - v or citrus extract
    conditioner ; pantene pro - v or citrus extract
    soap ; ocean breeze. :P
    body wash ; i like to use herbal essences shampoo. lol
    candles ; blackberry or raspberry
    perfume ; pink suede
    body spray ; white musk

    movies & tv -- good shows.
    movie segment ;
    cruel intentions, american wedding, texas chainsaw massacre, all of the screams, scary movie 1 & 2, pretty woman, school of rock, wrong turn, the princess diaries, queer as folk, the divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood, cinderella, the sweetest thing, the lizzie mcguire movie, crush, fear

    tv segment ;
    the ellen degeneres show, blind date, fifth wheel, elimidate, golden girls, lizzie mcguire, sister - sister.

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