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_pink_ (piink_stars) wrote,
@ 2003-07-15 16:45:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:Staind *so far away*

    all the mistakes that one life can take...
    seriously im on the verge of leaving and never coming back to this house. for the past week me and my father have been fighting on and off about things,hes so uptight about certin things and i cant take it anymore. id rather him keep me in this house and be pushished then to sit and let his words be said without mine being said as well. and just 3 minutes ago,i was trying to tell my dad about how music effects me and asking if it does the same to him and during my 10 minute long conversation with him..well his body..he wasnt even listening to me. i hate being ignored and my sister,as well as my father have been ignoring me for days now. so im done im not even going to try to talk to them. on another note, i went running today. and it felt so good,to run and run and not get anywhere but its a form of release for me. well i wonder if i am to see bryan tonight. i hope so i havent seen him since saturday ;[...well im off

    the only thing prettier ive seen in this lifetime than the angel that comes to me in my dreams, was that first time i saw your face....against the starlit night. I could only shed a tear knowing ill never have you. but until that day...

    jonathan wrote that for me lastnight ;]!!

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