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Piers Rent (piersrent) wrote,
@ 2011-07-21 00:50:00
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    Entry Condition Reports
    As a wise investor you would be interested in protecting your rights as well those of your tenants. One way of doing that is to make sure all documents related to renting out a property are complete and validated. One of the important requirements of a tenancy agreement is to have the entry condition report filled out. This documents the condition of the property before and after the tenancy period. It is used to prevent any possible disputes between the lessor/agent and the tenant due to damages caused to the property.
    An entry condition report is generally prepared by companies hired for property management Gold Coast. This has to be filled out both by the tenant and the lessor/agent when a tenant moves in. An ideal scenario is that the report is completed before the day the tenant occupies the property. In case this is not possible, the lessor/agent can fill their part of the document and hand it over to the tenant. This document is generally given to the tenant along with the tenancy agreement.
    The lessor/agent has to indicate it on the form that all items in the property are clean and in working order. The tenant will need to confirm these comments after inspecting the items and then sign the form for approval. In case the tenant is in disagreement with the comments of the lessor/agent, they should specify this in their comments on the form. The entry condition form may also include photos or videos of the property and the items. The tenants are usually given three days to complete the report and return it to the lessor/agent after the tenants are allowed to move in.
    An entry condition report is used for making a comparison of the property when the tenant moves in and when a tenant moves out. It has to be signed by both parties in order to make sure that all facts stated on the report are true. The entry condition report is an important document and, therefore, it needs to be kept in a safe place. Generally, this document is kept with the property managers Gold Coast. The report can be used to claim damages if any are found.
    To safeguard the rights of lessor/agent and the tenant, entry condition report serves a great purpose. This will lead to fewer misunderstandings and disputes between the lessor/agent and the tenant.

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