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Piers Rent (piersrent) wrote,
@ 2011-08-08 05:46:00
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    Looking After a Rental Property
    It is the responsibility of both the buyer and the seller to look after the rental property. Both of them, however, have different set of responsibilities regarding the care of premises. These are defined in the tenancy contract or otherwise stated. The lessor/agent and the tenant have to make sure that the property and all items included are clean and in working order. This is done during the pre-sale inspections and is generally documented. The tenant has to take care of the property during the tenancy period and return the property and other items in the same condition, with the exception of normal wear and tear.
    The responsibility of keeping the rental premises in a clean and good condition lies with the lessor/agent. In case any repairs are to be made during the tenancy period, these are to be arranged by the lessor/agent. The responsibility of keeping the place clean and taking care of the building as well as articles included lies with the tenant. Property management Gold Coast companies specialize in dealing with such rental property issues.
    The tenant is required to take care of the property like it was their own. There should be no intentional damage caused to the property and all negligence should be avoided. For example, in case there are signs of pest and termite infestations or damages to plumbing or roof, they should address to the problem quickly. In case something gets damaged or broken, the tenant has to inform the lessor/agent immediately and not attempt to fix the problem themselves. How the repairs are to be made have to be discussed with the lessor/agent. If the breakage or damage is caused by the tenant or their guest, the payment for the repairs will be made by the tenant. However, if the damage is due to normal wear and tear or due to extreme weather conditions, the lessor/agent has to pay for the damages.
    The tenant has a legal right to issue notice against the lessor/agent if the problem is not fixed by them. The tenant may also leave the premises in case the damage is serious and the lessor/agent is not attempting to fix it. This is also done after issuing a notice against the lessor/agent. This is usually done with the help of property managers Gold Coast.
    The maintenance and care of the rental property is the responsibility of both the lessor/agent and the tenant. The rights and duties of both parties are defined in the tenancy agreement at the time the tenant moves in.

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