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jen (picnicforpeapus) wrote,
@ 2004-02-03 12:51:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:rem-losing my religion

    pretty pretty pretty cant you see?
    so i havent updated this thing in awhile but ive been pretty busy. on friday i had my english and spanish finals, they weren't that bad. then dan borski and i went to forever records. we then met up with megan and mary and the 4 of us went bowling and i really suck at bowling but it was a lot of fun. we had to be back at the school at 130 and we preceeded to council rock. the swim meet was so boring and after i went right to sacred grounds. it wasnt much fun, alyson got drunk, we played on the swims, borski dicked out on me, yeah. saturday mary beth called me and we went to a party and we went to danas after and ended up sleeping over. on sunday i went to dan borski's and we studied for our math final. and yesterday we had our math final, it wasn't that bad i got a 93%. colin and i hung out once he got home. and today im going to rest and make dinner.
    yes so my classes next semester are:
    a period-spanish 4 - obanion
    b period-social studies - kellar
    c period-science - doc
    d period-ceramics - ream
    if you are in any of my classes yay!

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