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Sam (pianga484) wrote,
@ 2004-11-06 21:06:00
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    I am having an odd day today.
    I am moody- but not.

    Its kind of like this-
    I was fine when I woke up.
    Walking to work was ok...
    work itself was pretty OK
    Talking to J...was ok. Frustrating- but really- I guess thats just the way its going to be for a while just because we're both moving on and things are changing and what not.

    All I wanted to do today was sing.
    And I got moody right about when I realized that I wasnt going to get myself home with enough time left to sing for more than an hour or so.
    Which SUCKS....cuz all I have been craving all day long (other than a hunk of chocolate cake), has been to sing. I need to compile a repertory list....and start working on my holes....I also need to find a choir or SOMEPLACE to sing. ....theres got to be something somewhere....someplace where I can do some solo work and some group work.
    It would be nice anyway.
    I am feeling the void of good musics in my life right now- for some reason, it hit me really really hard today that what I am partially missing- is all that rich classical and romantic chromaticism and all of the great knowlege I used to have of opera in general and recognition of arias and the like.
    I am realizing how much I have forgotten- and am now paranoid as to how much more I might forget.
    I need to get back on top of this.
    I need to get this music back in my life...
    I wish I had all of the resources that I own....but so much is still in NY.
    I will have to make due with what I've got.

    Jerry is supposed to be having a bunch of people over to play games tonite...and I should be a good dooby and call him back and go- but I dont know if I am in the mood to be with other people tonite.
    Perhaps I just need to be alone and catch up with myself.
    I need to go to church tomorrow morning..... seems like so much just slipped away from me and I need to get it back.............

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