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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-06-13 15:04:00
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    The city sets up a bureau chief why didn't become criminal
    Contents: The city sets up a bureau chief why have never become city in the criminal City to set up bureau chief because of again refuse Hui drive briber chop down harm but become Lian government hero.Who all have never thought, he at give award to the first words on the general assembly unexpectedly BE:I of so can refuse Hui, because I once grafted.I just arrived city set up a bureau be responsible for acrossed big bridge engineering of river invite bids, one bid unit to I is 5000 dollars.This unit has already set up bridge real strenght, inside in the bureau already already decided they.Doing not expect the second day was known by the old bureau chief.I deny however fact, in the office of old bureau chief, money such as number send back to bribe a person, I am lowly head, he lost to set up bridge qualifications.5000 dollars enough judges for three years.I at that time heart if fry in oil, police cars like,etc to pick me up.But, the old bureau chief didn't denounce and just clapped my shoulder very solemnly and still kept making me be responsible for engineering to send report, and the supervisor sets up this bridge.I truly the Huang is truly and perhaps.The later day skates over thin ice, down to date.Face for more than 10 years, the bribe person of myriad shapes, the facial expression of my unforgettable old bureau chief.If have no at the beginning, I may early have become criminal.I always fear this career.An afraid old bureau chief puts on to protect a corrupt hat, two is the harmony fame that is afraid to influence own prospect.At present, the old bureau chief has already passed away, I already near retire, speak out to is 1 kind to set free and tell another posterity, corruption have no not drive know of, if that day fall to an abyss.Finish saying, the Lian government hero cordially deeply bows to the on the stage set bottom.The whole field is silent, subsequently burst into thunderous applause.

    Article source see more:Man 2.5 meters sunshade flops to bleed to the back of the head Lu

    Suffer from B liver girl's busy streets to raise a card to invite a person to totally enter dinner

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