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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-06-07 15:18:00
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    Died to all want to eat super greasy restaurant
    The food dispatch gets into today of mankind's daily life gradually in the health food, but a the restaurant that is named "the heart attack roasts" in the United States does exactly the opposite of ―― it provides various ill-health foods of super greasies to the customer, and tee off the advertisement language of "the dead is worth eating".Not only such, the waitress of the restaurant also have to disguise as a beautiful nurse, come to"patient" serve.But, the restaurant of this ill-health's starting practice business but abnormality from 2005 has been fierce, let many healthy experts tumbled glasses up to now.Food very the greasy a hamburger 8000 calorieses according to know, the restaurant that is established to Arizona, the United States is named "the heart attack roasts"(Heart Attack Grill).The storekeeper makes atmosphere be like a hospital,mens sunglasses and provide the pole ill-health including giant burger food toward the guest, and let waitress should wear sexy nurse's suit.Even before the customer steps to go into this"the heart attack roasts" a store, have a great bulletin board warning customer:"Carefully:This restaurant contains Sun health."And modern the great majority promote the restaurant of healthy food different, the vegetables table of "the heart attack roasts" includes the super greasy fast food food that is assigned name to with various heart surgical operations, for example list"take a bridge burger" of the layer, double layer, 3 F and 4 F, its weight doesn't wait from half pound to two pounds of beefs.Among them, the heart of 4 F took bridge hamburger to include two pounds of of beef, very thick 4 F cream cheese and 12 slices of smoked meets, it contain of the calories is more than 8000 calorieses!On top of that, the restaurant supply is used "fat French fries" that the pig fries in oil, and whole sugar cola, don't filter mouth cigarette, strong drink and beer etc..These food really slogan according to the restaurant:"The taste worth dying for(the dead is worth eating)".The customer is like a patient to register to still send wheel chair service the restaurant to was established in 2005, is the founder it the nickname that is Joe's boon of"Joe's doctors En"?Expect Suo.However, Joe's boon isn't a real doctor, but is a senior nutritionist.In the restaurant, all of the waitresses are a nurse's foppery of sex appeal, while the customers then all be called "patient", also pinned up number slip.If the customer ordered 4 F the heart take the words of bridge hamburger to acquire wheel chair service that the restaurant presents, can arbitrarily choose oneself adoring"nurse" to push them to return to sit to drive."Joe's doctor En" admits that have meal to probably need into acute disease room in the restaurant, therefore make restaurant atmosphere be like a hospital is suitable.He says:"I the establishment heart attack roast restaurant, purpose for providing a place, make the customer able to eat to a good burger, a bottle of jelly beer, but need not be old to record to hang to strictly guard healthy recipe.Probably I this restaurant is an unique restaurant of honesty in the United States,cheap sun glasses because we have Dan to tell the customer these foods to have Sun health." Setting up shop to lead to dispute a beautiful nurse to pack should?According to know, "the heart attack roasts" establishment up to now in addition to a website didn't do an excessive advertisement.But after starting practice customer Ying door, fierce abnormality, also aroused a society for controversy of the form of this topic restaurant at the same time, main controversy is to aim at those be dressed in hot stewardess and restaurant provide of super and greasy food."The heart attack roasts" is subjected to several organizations because of the suit of its waitress governmental attack even, even attorney general in Arizona all threatens and closes it in 2006s.And the occupation nurse of the region organize also to sexy nurse's foppery of restaurant feel angrily gravamen, once launched the nurses constitute investigate the brigade is in the restaurant doorway keep people from going into inside, "Joe's doctor En" then because of trying use fire hose break up them but be caught.Afterwards both parties reach agreement, "Joe's doctor En" declared on the website, nurse one phrase is just only a drama to imitate.To this, "Joe's doctor En" defends to say:"I feel since here'have Sun you health', that not equal to make its atmosphere be like a hospital.Therefore, the waitress should wear nurse's suit also Be getting iner clear and ordered pattern."The development lately recruited to create "taste healthy recipe" however, "Joe's doctor En" also realized the image of the ill-health of"the heart attack roasts" will become restaurant to develop in the days to come of stumbling block.He meant while accepting a medium interview recently that in the healthy food idea day by day universal today, the prospect of "the heart attack roasts" depends on it to succeed to become a healthy food center and reduce weight an archduke department competition with some Xian bodies."Joe's doctor En" conceives a way:"The heart attack being new roasts healthy food center to provide the thing that can not attain of the other healthy food plan for American public:The healthy recipe of a set of taste."Keep up to now a sky, the restaurant is still really popular, and becomes medium concern object for long time when controversy doesn't cut off."Joe's doctor En" at least accepts medium an interview weekly.Many netizens leave a message to call:"If wanting the heaven that the wager tastes a greasy food up the own life is delicious, come right away this Qian De Lei City in Arizona's heart attack to roast a restaurant."

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