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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-02-24 16:59:00
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    Hold "Hong Kong banker mainland economic and financial top us" not also is pleasant
    November 10,-11,, the Chinese bankers of school (raise) and the China banking regulatory commission (CBRC) party school in hebei langfang joint the holding of the first "Hong Kong banker mainland economic and financial senior training", 25 home Hong Kong bank executives to 35, banking regulator,nfl hats a former chairman of the goods, the people's bank of political mingkang ZhangXiaoHui company to the student teaching, the current President attend the graduation ceremony and he students certificate, WangZhaoXing vice President, YanQingMin President assistant and students discussion. The following is my address and three micro Po:? 【 Ⅴ speech by China banking association and banking regulatory commission (CBRC) party school, Hong Kong Banks learn to jointly organized by "Hong Kong bankers mainland economic and financial top us" the opening ceremony was held today. On this opportunity, I would like on behalf of the China banking association to the Hong Kong monetary authority, the banking regulatory commission (CBRC) party school, Hong Kong Banks learn to lead to guidance heartfelt thanks, who participate in this us with the Hong Kong bankers and colleagues said a warm welcome! China banking 30 years reform and opening up have had tremendous success in the world financial crisis, the spread of depth, China's banking financial institutions generally increased in strength, profitability and obviously improve the ability to resist risk, which of course also have Hong Kong banker contribution.Since 2003 and Hong Kong signed the hkma CBRC banking regulation since the memorandum of cooperation, eight years, both 14 rounds were conducted regulatory consultations. Up to now, there are 14 home Hong Kong Banks established in the mainland 14 branches (consists of four sub-branches), 8 wholly owned bank (consists of 82 branches, 189 sub-branches) and nine representative office. At the end of September deadline overseas, in the mainland bank assets total 705.999 billion yuan, 326.613 billion yuan each loan, the total profit of 4.659 billion yuan. The mainland bank is mainland Banks is the Hong Kong capital system component parts. "Learning makes is not also said," the analects of Confucius is opening first sentence, meaning is to develop the good habit of commonly used often to learn, not very nice? To participate in the "Hong Kong banker mainland economic and financial top us" Hong Kong bankers, in line with an open mind to the mainland to understand the economic and financial situation and mainland China's banking reform and opening development experience, should also is very pleasant. This study spirit is worth the mainland bankers learning. This study is actually two mainland Hong Kong banker discussion and exchange is an important way to learn from each other. The mainland bankers unknown, and the leading international bank compared with Hong Kong compared to the banking industry, the gap between the mainland banking dwells, should be more learn a lot from Hong Kong banker learning. In short, the mainland and Hong Kong bankers to discussion and exchange and learning from each other. "Cover very the work will do to the very people". The banking industry development is very steady work, of course, will do to very. The real bankers should is management of bank of very much. And banking GanCai, professionals, the growth of the talents of all kinds of bankers tactician, except for education and working practice in two link besides, in-service training is an important link of the indispensable.So, the Chinese banking industry association has been committed to building a high-end professional bankers research platform, in order to improve the professional bankers competence. Since this year, China banking association to the preparation of the important strategic choice for the initiative for the development of a sustainable development, carry out in under the leadership of the China banking regulatory commission, to further implement the medium and long term development plan national talent "and" the financial talent development long-term planning ", the high level, to promote innovative banking financial personnel, the board approved by the China banking association and submitted to the banking regulatory commission (CBRC) agree, I registered bankers is under the program. All of you to Hong Kong banker is the first batch of Hong Kong China banking regulatory commission (CBRC) party school students, is also is under the bank of registration of institute of bankers association of the first batch of students. As the bank of bankers association,nba jerseys the preparation of court, I sincerely invite you contribute ideas, and to promote our country banking financial talent cultivation and growth to contribute. Finally, wish this training a complete success! Thank you! The micro bo Ⅴ I presided over speech, too respected chairman mingkang old leadership, dare not takes a seat, presided over as follows: you know, word mingkang, a former chairman of the extended service. In announced that he had just twitchett formally retired from twitchett formally retired from that day, head of the CCCCP read the central party committee of the state council of his highly, these days the media report in English also he received, can say ChaoYe stole all. Why so? He presided over the banking regulatory commission (CBRC) work for eight years, China's banking shadowfax happened changes! WangZhaoXing vice President and Hong Kong banker class discussion focus on the offshore yuan problem. Hk dollar, and the dollar exchange rate so low that everyone borrow dollars buy relatively high interest rates and hk $high appreciation of the yuan is expected, so the yuan in Hong Kong arbitrage of accumulation, but it is difficult to lend, investment channel was limited, "RMB lake" (I first used the phrase, invention ownership me!) has formed and how to dredge, remains to be solved! Regrets RMB, us dollar ten years hedong ten years hexi: 1990 s, have forced below writtens guarantee carry out assembles a system, in addition to the provisions of the state foreign exchange account can keep outside, enterprise and individual must remove the excess of foreign exchange sold to the designated foreign exchange Banks. Now, tend to hold the yuan, can't wait to exchange us dollars for RMB, and asked for enterprise and individual as far as possible, in order to reduce to hold dollar increase in reserves and base currency RMB increase pressure!

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