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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-05-23 16:35:00
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    90% doctor's disaffection practised medicine environment to once consider more resignation to change
    Read a brief summary"start, rush into out-patient service, in the center take time to to have a meal be also scolded by the sufferer.The doctor is also a person, have to have a meal.""While offering as proof and setting upside downing background, the doctor proceeds from to own protection, can attain law on the treatment top flawless, but to the patient is totally unconcerned.""In fact, the society concerns a doctor be concern himself/herself, if a person who cures illness for you don't protect, can also expect him to do for you what?""Pass by, say the doctor's register fee is as just about as barber, now, hang a time of 5 dollars, even cut hair money of none of an odd changes arrive.""Is many 2 years old the son yesterday milk voice milk spirit ground said, father, I wanted to be a doctor after growing up.I blurt out:I begged you!"The near 90% doctor opposes their own kids to learn to cure towards currently practising medicine environment disaffection, 88% doctors, more and more of the doctor is leaving the occupation that he or she loves deeply ……The healthy Times united website in the lilac park, 39 healthy nets, good doctor's on-line websites to release "the doctor practises medicine an environment survey" together, in less than a month time, drew on to living participation more than ten thousand famous doctors.In succession the doctor resignation leads concerns"the emergency room had a colleague to resign again.Is again bitter, and then tired, money again not much also work in the environment being full of medicine flavor and death breathing every day just, try very hard to hungry flat the belly thought of that the dining room also encountered patient's family members' cold stare while buying a steamed stuffed bun:Does the doctor still needs to have a meal?……An occupation that should be respected most connects the right of satisfied belly all have no, stem bottom go to definite demand courage."Recently, a common tiny Bo of a common doctor, caused everyone's practising medicine environmental concern to the doctor."Basically, high labor strength, Gao psychological stress bottom, the doctors are all trained to have much of endurance dint, ten thousand can not help, can't resign."Learn to cure for 8 years and practise medicine 5 years of tiny Bo Bo the lord"the plum reaches Yi Er" to feel, oneself this tiny Bo is subjected to concern, isn't strange, "if more doctors choose a resignation, mean that the remaining doctor will be less,cheap sun glasses so the sufferer undertaken by each doctor will be more, serve of the quality will be more difficult guarantee and cure to suffer from relating to probably more rigorous."His worry surplus not, at an it is said that is the hospital of "the medical science livings to all long for day and night to want to go", recent, continue 7 doctors took off the white big Gua on the body, in Shanghai, then for the very first time appeared an expert to public hospital collectively resign again start a business of phenomenon."Can say so, almost all doctors, all once considered changing profession", Peking some three A hospitals young doctor(use alias) be alwayscandid in saying.Three Tashan on the doctor body"the little doctor have no carefree have no money, the old doctor is getting richer, but have no spare time, also have no time and physical strength enjoys.The besides medical environment is so bad, pain of the work can not get the comprehension of the sufferer and affirmation of the leadership!Really have no a necessity to keep on continuing!"These words come from "a clinical doctor the resignation cause of thinking", this is online drive multifarious redistribution, still write a way in the invitation card:Resignation of he, "is an excellent hospitalized doctor, seem to be really in the section room is regarded highly, seem young doctor of section room in a the most capable"."Practise medicine an environment survey" livings to ask to ten thousand famous doctors:Probably let the reason that you resign most is what?The answer is "too tired" of have 1/4, near 30% most of"the wages is too low" is "curing to cause trouble a piece", have 37.5%.Always tallied up the above-mentioned survey a result with eight words:Three greatest pressure, the pressure mountain is big.Pressure a:High devotion"a lot of doctors, the kid didn't come to while walking in the morning, the kid had already slept while coming back in the evening.""Ascend an over night class, immediately after ascend a white class, even if stipulating can adjust to rest, the young doctor also has no time and opportunity to adjust to rest.""Start, rushed into keeping the gate to diagnose, in the center take time to to have a meal be also scolded by the sufferer.Time connecting to have a meal all has no way assurance, the doctor is also a person, have to have a meal.That's right, we comprehend that the patient lined up to wait very hard for a long time, can we also need to be comprehended."In the interview, network up, above-mentioned doctor of helpless get off the heart everywhere it is thus clear that.Pressure two:Low income"one set surgical operation, 56 people are in the operating room favour live 56 hours, altogether also just 1000~2000 dollars.""Said in the past the doctor's register fee was as just about as barber, now, hang a time of 5 dollars, even none of an odd changes that cuts hair money arrives."According to win a new agency to report, Chinese doctor association announcement of 2009 the middle of the year, doctor Guo keeps industry condition to investigate a report to suggest, 91.9% doctors think he or she pays and guerdon not to agree with and exceed half think the doctor's income bad at the teacher.Pressure three:The safety didn't guarantee"while offering as proof and setting upside downing background, the doctor proceeds from to own protection, can attain law on the treatment top flawless, but to the patient is totally unconcerned.If I offered effort, the surgical operation might fail, don't make great effort, the surgical operation may also fail, want ~only failure, possible accused, that I why want make great effort?""The doctor of Guangdong wears helmet to go to work, the doctor of Shanghai be contused severity ……See these each time, the in the mind was full of sad.That's right, the common people is a weak, need to be protected, but is this sacrifice the doctor's benefits, stop one's ears to the doctor's safety to?""In fact, the society concerns a doctor be concern himself/herself, if a person who cures illness for you don't protect, can also expect him to do for you what?"Survey medium, the near 90% doctor expressed to practise medicine environmental disaffection, 38.27% thinks the environment is "bad", 47.18% feel"helpless" and feel to"fair" have 13.59%, 10592 are subjected to investigator in, only 103 doctors are candid in saying to practise medicine the environment"better"s.This data, it may be said getting worse and worse.In 2002, Chinese doctor association announcement of survey result BE, 60.66% doctors to current place the medical treatment keep industry environment dissatisfaction;In 2009, this data rises to 63.61%.In the middle of resigning the dialogue of doctor and colleague, always necessary these two dialogues:Resign doctor's explanation:"Is tired, the body is tired, the heart is more tired."The doctor replies:"Congratulate you, finally escape from the woes."The 90% doctor doesn't wish a kid to learn to cure a doctor to resign, also just short-term of doctor missing;The medical science college solicits students difficult, the doctor's kid doesn't learn to cure, the result then doesn't dare to imagine.Report according to the southern city report, 2010, 15 colleges that independently set up to make a medicine department solicit students in province school of science of Guangdong, have 10 places the first hurl file to recruit a dissatisfied person, even if the hurl file of process the second digests and still have much can not fill up to solicit students a plan the high school.In the "break file" college, not only include 34 medicine department colleges that have real strenght rather of Guangdong, but also have already saved an outside medicine department school, like concord medical college in Peking."Did not thought of low come to so quickly", health hall the new wave of deputy commissioner Liao in Guangdong province feels deeply about while accepting reporter's interview, the student who registers for examination a medical science college is so little, it make him start to anticipate don't and.He thinks that practising medicine environment isn't very good, to cause to solicit students one of the difficult reasons, because the student has a misgiving and fears.Report to also call, ever only the student of best result just might learn to cure, at present, with compare before decade, clinical medical science score line but at fall.Peking is some three A doctor Li Zhi(use alias) in the hospital say:"Study not so good ability and learning of result to cure, I really worry, the coming 20~30 years, Chinese doctor's whole level will appear a fall, even may appear a rascal doctor."If make the doctor battling the private than, save the person to the cure and be into a combat, so, this warfare is presenting front battlefield someone withdraw and help troops quality not high, the situation of spare army corps no one to carry on.The survey suggests that in 2002, own would not like to of the kid learn to cure only to have 53.96%, 2011, this data play increases into 88.47%."Is many 2 years old the son yesterday milk voice milk spirit ground said, father, I wanted to be a doctor after growing up.I blurt out:I begged you!", Concord hospital Tan of Peking first doctor Jie write a way like this in the tiny Bo:"Is not easy, stand.As I see it, is much more than a small doctor, connect old professor old expertses all to current of practise medicine environment to feel despair.Wry smile."Doctor most need of is sense of security"the doctor have to have a sense of security, have to have the protection of law and policy, this is to practise medicine environment to need an alternant place most ."Shanghai is some three A director doctor from pair in hospital tall quick(use alias) exclamation:As for the patient is many, work tired, the pressure is big, these can overcome, which work not the bitterness isn't tired, everyone is similar.High quick ever once suffered cure make, he thought, the love makes of, a little bit mostly didn't cure protect of patient, home poor, can't ……"All say to cure to suffer from an antinomy to cure to suffer from an antinomy, I see not is the doctor's problem, also not is the sufferer's problem, is the problem of governmental problem policy."And high quick similar, while answering "cause to practise medicine currently the not good key factor of environment is what", 81.62% doctors choose "government the policy isn't good enough", 69.91% thinks "the related law guarantee isn't perfect", and"sufferer's character isn't even to cause" has 47.86%."If raise the doctor's wages 5~1000%, be like a foreign doctor so the just and upright take high pay, who would like to also stealthily accept red envelope and take discount?"Always and a lot of go together once chatted gray income of problem, everyone thinks some doctors and opens big prescription and receive drugs discount, all of these are the benefitses to make however, "if don't do so, probably even wages all the hair don't come out".The problem of government and policy makes reference to bottom and is the problem of money."The medical behavior is different from other consumption behavior, can not attain the penny penny money's goods.Curing a disease can not spend money as well as spend big money and also have a flower how much also cure not okay.Spend money and cure not disease, the flower is much money see'small'disease, the sufferer will feel unworthy, nature became to see a doctor difficult, see a doctor expensive."Li Zhi who once studied in Japan and the United States ever thinks, the improvement practised medicine environment,Discount Mont Blanc Sunglasses the most decisive is to increase devotion, threw all the people to cure to protect in the middle go, have already cured to suffer from a problem to solve.In 2010, after curing to change a project to release of national for the first time two will up, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference's curing a Wei set is regardless a community doctor, three A director in the hospital is still medical and health administration manager, discuss that the foci,focuses all concentrated in the problem of money.They think that the common people wants to can see a disease and needs money, the hospital develops and transfer a medical personnel aggressive, also need money, regardless cure to change the system a degree how to design, public finance devotion if don't keep up with, the doctor practises medicine an environment problem, sufferer to see a doctor an expensive problem, will have no from start to talk about.Report according to the economic observation report, national medical and health system reforms medical insurance room of social guarantee graduate school of expert, labor and social guarantee department the director close the ambition Be strong to cure for all the people to protect to calculate a Zhang:Presumably annually as long as the government public finance takes out 203,000,000,000, China can start to build up overlay all the people's insurance system."203,000,000,000 many?"Li Zhi counter-questions a reporter."Chinese, don't suffer from few but suffer from not and all", he says.

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    In the life of 25 practical health small account to strive for

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