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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-04-17 09:52:00
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    Endowment TIPS breakfast late supper eat early
    Many people pay attention to "early to bed and early to rise body good", especially now that morning early, get up early, go out stroll is curved. This is not what bad habits, but if because up early, to eat early, you'll don't advocate. People in sleep, most of the organ is rested, only digestive organs still trying to "work", digest the food of the day, until the morning only enter into the resting state. If breakfast eats premature, will interfere with gastric bowel rest, make the digestive system with jerseys Early in the morning or human body metabolic products out of the important time. Because each body organ function operation needs time, eliminate waste the time is longer, if eat early, can lead to metabolites in the body accumulation. Advice to get up early, the first drink some water, 8 again after dinner. To eat breakfast and evening, instead, to try to eat dinner early. Life, many people like to have dinner QiBaDian drag, can this time for dinner, very adverse to health. Especially if to go to bed early nine will go to bed at ten o 'clock, if QiBaDian to eat, the body there simply wasn't enough time to thoroughly digesting food, very prone to abdominal distension, constipation, indigestion,wholesale sunglasses may also affect morpheus quality. In addition, if dinner time to sleep too near distance, the body do not have enough time to eat into being by micturition of calcium and could cause urinary stones. So, the old man in the night before to 7 after supper.

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