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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-04-12 17:19:00
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    Treatment with oral ulceration
    Oral ulcer? This small make up collected the oral cavity ulcer treatment method, to help you get rid of effective oral ulcer, has the good oral environment. Life is one of the cut off incentives in fact, recurrent oral ulcer is oral cavity mucous membrane of the disease is one of the most common, the incidence of a disease is about 20%, divided into light, mouth inflammation type and heavy oral ulcer, of which 80% belong to light. It is often the attack of the attainment of buffett, therefore, in life to have a pertinent prevention is very important, it can reduce the attack of the oral cavity ulcer frequency. We should pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Avoid damage of the oral mucosa. Especially not neat or have teeth dentures, due to friction oral cavity mucous membrane, it is easy to frequent ulcer. Therefore need to correct bite lips, bite buccal, YaoShe bad habit, such as the teeth pulling or refitted inappropriate false teeth. 2. Assure enough sleep, avoid excessive fatigue. Long-term lack of sleep, overwork is oral ulcer repeated attacks of common cause,Cartier Sunglasses Prices these inappropriate behavior will hurt human consumption Yin blood. Yin deficiency is fire, often from oral cavity mucous membrane on "out of fire", cause canker sores. 3. Keep in a relaxed mood, optimistic and cheerful. TCM holds that, if long time by the be agitated, depression, depression and other bad mood problems, it is easy to produce "yu fire", it is the leading cause of the common causes of oral ulceration. 4. Note oral hygiene. A lot of people because the pain can't brush my teeth, and this is wrong. Up during morning and evening to keep still ulcer brushing your teeth, the habit of mouthwash after the meal, usable add salt to cold boiled water water, also can use drug gargle liquid, reduce oral bacteria, due to the increased food scraps and secondary infection. 5. As far as possible light diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, maintain defecate unobstructed, prevent constipation. "The mouth", oral ulcer is no exception, the five flavours of food in the diet, "hot" is the most mad. Easy mad people must avoid excessive intake of hot and spicy food, such as hot peppers, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, raw garlic, green Onions, etc. The typical food including MaLaTang, GongYou hot pot, boiled fish, wool blood prosperous, etc. In addition, with the nature of the warm food, including beef and mutton, bacon, crucian carp, ribbon fish, and litchi, orange, pineapple, longan, pomegranate "hot sex" fruit, if too much edible also at the fire. It is important to emphasize that strong drinks can also be "added fuel to the fire." Alcohol itself is hot sex,Cartier Eye glasses if in the spicy greasy food at the same time, drink alcohol, would be "added fuel to the fire." In addition, nowadays has come summer, the theory of the five elements in traditional Chinese medicine, one year is divided into the spring and summer, the long summer, autumn, winter five seasons, completely heart corresponding to the summer, is easy to "stores prosperous" of season. A lot of people will be vexed hot, dry mouth, oral ulcer, urinate short yellow, night sweat, the symptom such as insomnia. In addition to the daily life of the recuperation, still can amount to eat some oral ulcer has auxiliary therapy effect of food. Like cabbage soup, Fried bean sprouts, cold bean curd, stir-fried TongHao etc, have the effect of heat and toxins. Boiled yams, LianXin red jujube soup, almond walnut soup and glutinous rice ormosia congee, with functions of nourishing gas role.

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    Health is different for men eat by sleep male female

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