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phonecharger (phonecharger11) wrote,
@ 2012-04-11 16:26:00
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    These don't bathe beware wash out disease
    Health big fear: these don't wash bath beware a deadly disease; A bath can clean our body, let's relax, is beneficial to the health of our body. But in some cases, if take a bath, go against health not only, but will do harm to your health. 1, face before sleeping, should not be a bath habit of a lot of people go to bed immediately after a hot bath, in fact this is not a correct habit, the best two hours before sleeping in the bath. Often sleep in temperature to drop comes after, hot tub will make a high body temperature, put off the brain releases "sleep hormone". If some day can only in a bath before sleeping, can be in the bath with a wet towel after a cold compress forehead 5 minutes, let the body temperature returned to normal level, falling asleep as soon as possible.Dallas Stars Adjustable After waking up in order to promote the bath sleep quality standard, the universal an index is "went feeling", if feel good, even sleep time is short, was also thought to sleep of good quality. After morning rises, a water temperature slightly lower bath can let our spirits up, improve the satisfaction of sleep at night. 2, should not be drunk alcohol can control a bath liver function activities and prevent glycogen the release. And bathe, the body of glucose consumption will increase. Drunk a bath, blood sugar not promptly added, prone to dizziness, vertigo, general weakness, serious when still can happen hypoglycemic coma. In addition, because the body to take a shower, sweating, a blood alcohol concentration relative increase, plus hot water promote blood circulation, the dilation of blood vessels, speed up the pulse, this often cause low blood pressure, blood thick increased, so that the body's difficult to adapt, cause heart disease or stroke attack. Drunk immediately after drinking is bad also to shampoo if it didn't take long before shampoo, is likely to lead to intracranial vascular dysfunction, appear giddy, eyes were black and vomiting and other symptoms. Especially with cerebrovascular disease, old man usually don't use cool water shampoo, after drinking wine is more attention. 3, her shower bath her unfavorable, full leather table blood vessels are hot water stimulation and expansion, the more blood flow to the surface, celiac blood supply relatively less, can affect the digestion absorption, cause hypoglycemia, and even collapse, faint. Hunger is bad also to bathe in hunger, blood sugar level minimum, there is no guarantee that needed to take a shower, the quantity of heat to use up, so, hunger bathe prone to dizziness, even shock and other symptoms. The meal one two hours is better in a bath after the best two hours later, can choose according to their own constitution bath time,Detroit Red Wings Adjustable such as physical virtual old man can choose the noon sun be the spirit of the most popular when a bath, this can achieve the effect of complementary, not easy to get sick. 4 when a bath, fever, not when the temperature of the human body rise to 38 ℃, of the body heat consumption can be increased by 20%, the body weaker, right now a bath is accident-prone. In addition, even without a high fever, disease in patients with acute development also had better not a bath. Suffering from serious heart disease, high anemia, uremia, high pressure of 180 millimeters of mercury above the high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, acute nephritis, acute hepatitis, trauma patient such as shoulds not be taking a bath. Cerebrovascular disease should not be often a bath. Take a shower, the heat generated by the exciting, can make a patient body blood flow acceleration, and increase blood pressure in blood vessels. When blood flow by some local lesion site, prone to vascular rupture. Epilepsy patients should not be often a bath. Bathe, because a lot of water vapor is inhaled the body, make the body oxygen levels drop, together with the body eduction of sweat increased, electrolyte balance is upset, easy cause temporary function disorder, cause epilepsy.

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