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teddy walsh (philipvnbarker) wrote,
@ 2012-02-03 11:06:00
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    Online Shopping Trends For The Year 2012
    Shopping online in 2012 will continue the growth that began in 2011. The expansion of products available online will continue. Online shopping statistics show the greatest trend from 2011 is in store pickup. For purchase of digital items, buyers seem to choose this method. It allows them to check the item is complete and working before taking receipt of purchases.

    Since mid 2011 companies simply getting into online shopping have been undertaking market surveys to decide what are folks buying online already and what are people purchasing at the mall which can be ordered online quickly.

    In fact the in store pickup is turning online shopping and shopping at the mall into the same thing, without the same hassle. It may get tougher all the time to tell if a store is both an online merchant and brick and mortar store or just sells online.

    Online Buying Downside

    One of the benefits that formerly belonged to online sales is freedom from sales tax. Online stores now charge you sales tax according to the zip code for the address used on your bankcard. Before long every state will need sales tax be collected and paid into their coffers. Whilst not a good thing, that makes shopping online even more attractive as choosing home delivery implies no gas expended to go to the mall.

    That covers the disadvantage of online shopping. That really was a short list if you think about it. Here are our pick for online shopping trends for 2012.

    Online Buying Highlights for 2012

    Increase use of in store pick-up. I have read that a few stores have drive up windows where you can obtain your items, if you do not need assistance. That's a good touch and exhibits what competition does to service relevant parts of a sale.

    For smaller companies without a broad geographical spread of stores there are plans for general pickup depots. That may do the job but as long as it removes the freight charges.

    The major selling item online at the end of 2011 was smart phone apps. This trend will carry on for 2012 at least and maybe beyond.

    Technology efforts to provide virtual dressing rooms still exist. They have not covered in 2011 and hoped by retailers. Fair return policies never have helped these unnecessary features.

    Social networking is tying into online shopping even if the platforms are not doing the merchandising and also selling themselves. Look for more discounts from retailers for reasons such as a high percentage of your followers liking a particular retail store. Marketing mechanics are going to increase to the benefit of shoppers in 2012.

    Flash sales as loss leaders on excellent items will continue to draw buyers to the malls for inexpensive to medium cost quality good of all types.

    Some fell that purchasing online from retailers in other countries will pickup however it did not even make statistics reports in 2011 and you cannot find any reason for it to do better in 2012.

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