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Phatichar (phatichar) wrote,
@ 2004-06-30 14:40:00
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    Have you really ever...?
    Get that guitar out. Sit on the porch, by the gentle rain, coffee cup at your side and string along as you sing...

    To really love a woman
    To understand her
    You gotta know her deep inside
    Hear every thought
    See every dream
    N' give her wings -
    When she wants to fly
    Then when you find yourself
    Lyin' helpless in her arms
    Ya know ya really love a woman

    You love a woman you tell her
    That she's really wanted
    When you love a woman you tell her
    That she's the one
    Cuz she needs somebody to tell her
    That it's gonna last forever
    So tell me have you ever really
    Really really ever loved a woman?

    To really love a woman
    Let her hold you
    Till ya know how she needs to be touched
    You've gotta breathe her
    Really taste her
    Till you can feel her in your blood
    And when you can see your unborn children
    In her eyes
    Ya know ya really love a woman

    You got to give her some faith
    Hold her tight
    A little tenderness
    Gotta treat her right
    She will be there for you,
    Takin' good care of you
    Ya really gotta love your woman...

    - Don Juan De Marco, by Bryan Adams. Ah, bliss!

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