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Peter Jung (peterus7) wrote,
@ 2004-10-22 17:38:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:NIN playlist


    I really shouldn’t have joined that death cult. Now I have 9 hours to live.

    Death cult, you ask? Well, perhaps it’s best that I start from the beginning.

    My name is Harry Kingly, and I’m a sub-assistant manager at the Burger den on 43rd street. I’m 25 and I have an associates degree from a crappy community college. I’m an average looking guy, with short hair and the beginnings of a beard, and I’m single… That being said, my life is shit. I get paid barely over minimum wage, I live in a shitty ass apartment, and I don’t get any time off. I’m trying to buy a better car with the money I make, because my current one breaks down every other week, and I’m still behind on repair costs. I have to run the Burger Den, because the assistant managers, as well as the managers, are always in the back room, fucking, drinking, smoking, shooting up, doing whatever it is that they do back there.

    Anyway, I was doing sub-manager duties, such as cleaning up some spilled coffee that some raver idiot that looked like he had Parkinson’s.* The coffee seemed to have a lot of sugar in it, as it wouldn’t come off the floor, no matter how hard I mopped. I was muttering to myself when a clerk I had seen at the Grocery-mart down the street approached me.

    “Hey man…”
    “Hello, how may I help you,” I said automatically. When you have a job like mine, you’ll be amazed at how much of my dialogue is put on auto-response.
    “Don’t cat suffocate,” he said, rolling his eyes.
    “What?” I asked, feeling my auto-response breaking down.
    “You were on auto pilot. Look, I know what you go through, I work at a similar job…” He said conspiratorially. He looked about 23, seemed a bit geeky, and was still wearing his work vest.
    “Yeah, I’ve seen you at the Grocery mart… You’re a clerk or something there.” I said, still trying to mop the spilt coffee. It wasn’t working.
    “Well, I know the shit you go through, and I have a solution.” He said, whispering. I was about to ask him if he wanted to buy something, but this sounded nice. I hated my job as it was, and… Well, he seemed somewhat trustworthy.
    “I’m listening…” I said.
    “Just take this, and be there tonight.” He said, handing me a business card. It was blank, except for the address.

    1353 S. 34th street.

    “What the hell is this?” I asked, but he was already walking towards the door.
    “Ever see Fight Club?” He called out, before stepping out the door. I began to go after him, but caught myself on the mop and nearly tripped, spilling some of the water on the coffee stain.

    It was still there.

    I remember spending most of the rest of that day trying to get that damn coffee stain out, but it gave me a good chance to think. What the hell was all this? Could I trust him? I had never really talked with the grocery guy before, let’s just call him grocery guy for now, but… Fight club. I loved Fight Club…

    I resolved to go.

    After my shift, I drove to the location. It was in the poor district, but not too far from my apartment, so it worked. It was about 7 when I arrived, and I parked down the street. After walking a block, I saw it: 1353 S. 34th street.

    It was a rather large abandoned building that looked like it used to be an apartment complex or hotel 50 years ago. Now it was just a bunch of peeling paint and water stains. Still, I walked up to the door, and knocked.


    I waited, then knocked again. Before my hand hit the wood a second time, the door shot open, and I found myself being grabbed, and brought inside. The door slammed shut behind me.

    Suddenly, my captors released me, and my eyes adjusted: The area was lit by a single candle, and there were a few people there, including the weird grocery guy, a skinny guy I had seen at the Super Savings, and a gruff looking worker at American Hardware. Still, they weren’t wearing their work uniforms, but instead, they were wearing black, and lots of it… Almost like robes, but on closer examination, they were more like goth-punk wear.

    “This the guy?” Hardware man asked.
    “Yeah… I’ve seen the way he is, and I think he’d be good.” Grocery guy said.
    “Well, you’d better be right.” Super Savings guy said.
    “What is this?” I stammered.
    “Follow us.” Hardware man said.

    So I did. He led me through a series of planks that seemed to be keeping the floor from collapsing under us, to a trapdoor. After opening it and going down himself, I followed.

    The room we entered was rather large, slightly bigger than the Burger Den… And on top of that, it was rather full of people, most of which I recognized from various stores. There was the Infocare computer technician, the Meat guy at Harvy’s grocerymart, the guy from Sammy’s subs, the auto tech from Shacko’s, the chick from Stardunks, the entire staff of Goth Topic, and so many more… All, a bunch of blue collar… service workers…

    And they were all wearing black Goth Topic type wear. Still, even more amazing was the proliferation of candles lining the walls, and a huge assortment of various candles centered in the front, at an altar with a rune on it… Hell, there were weird symbols all over the walls.

    I was getting a little weirded out to be honest.

    “What the hell is this?” I stammered out. A man from the audience came out, wearing a lot of Goth Topic wear. As he approached me, I recognized him as a guy I had seen working at the Dollar Factory Overstock store, a normal looking guy with a well-kept goatee.
    “Welcome, friend, unto the cult of Ixulcara… I have been told about you. I am Father Donald Harris, and it is an honor to have you, my fellow slave. This is an order of death, to help us of the lower classes, those pissed on by society, those who are treated like shit, to find our vengeance. Are you with us?”
    “An order of… Death? I like all the stuff about getting vengeance, but what’s with all the death stuff?” I asked, feeling a bit out of place, and yet very much at home.
    “We have secrets here, the truth. Have you ever wondered who ‘god’ really is? Well, we have the answer, and we can use him to our advantage… Trust me, it’s to your benefit to know about this. Plus, if you’re with us, you are one of the blessed, and you have us all behind you.” He said, rather bluntly. I looked around… Really, I didn’t give a fuck about God, I had stopped going to church when I was 6 after they put my grandma into the ground.** But still, the prospect of being protected and with my fellow workers struck a chord with me.
    “What do I have to do to join. I’m not giving you any money…” I said quickly, as I know about cults. My sister’s a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and after day saints.
    “Oh, hell no… Think of it like fight club. This is more of a social gathering… although, you must endure a ritual… It’s pretty much painless, and pretty tame…” He whispered at the end, with a smile.
    “Well… Okay.” I said, sighing.
    “Shall we do the ritual then?” He bellowed to the crowd. The crowd raised a resounding cry, and he grinned.

    He took a piece of chalk, and drew a sort of strange pentagram on the ground. Not really knowing what I should do, I just stood there.

    Suddenly, he pushed me onto the pentagram, grabbed my wrist, and nicked it with a box cutter.
    “Ow! What the hell?” I snapped, but before I could finish chewing him out, the pentagram began to glow. I noticed that the cut had been bleeding onto it, and presently it began to hiss.
    “What the hell is this?” I asked, trying to step off, but my feet were stuck on the floor.
    “What the fuck…” I said, and then everything went black.

    I opened my eyes… It was all blurry…

    And then it focused. Looking around, I was in a… hotel room. Rubbing my eyes a bit more, I realized it was a pretty shitty hotel room. Suddenly, I felt a pang of worry… What if they had all gang banged me? Or maybe stolen my wallet, or… Stole my Kidneys…

    But my ass didn’t hurt… In fact, I was still wearing the same clothes. Checking my wallet, it was more than full, in fact, it had 100s in it. Seeing the money, I forgot about the potential lack of Kidneys, and neither did I care… I felt fine as it was.

    There was 5000 dollars in my wallet. I counted again, and smiled. I didn’t care what the hell happened… But it was a lot of money…

    But there was a card here too. Pulling it out, I opened it and read slowly, as it appeared to be written in blood.

    “Your soul now belongs to Ixulcara. You have 9 hours to live; and your time will come at 7pm tonight. This is your last day to live, so live it like it is.”

    I really shouldn’t have joined that death cult…

    “Fuck.” I said, dropping the card, but then the last sentence struck me: ‘This is your last day to live, so live it like it is.’

    I grabbed my wallet, and ran out of the hotel room. I had till 7, and my watch said it was 10 am. 9 hours… Not bad. Well, what did I have to do in life?

    I looked around, and then thought for a few minutes…

    I had 9 hours to live.

    Well, I hadn’t seen that new movie, Lost in Bongalore, which was coming out at the theater down the street…

    Wait… Fuck that. I had 9 hours to live.

    Well, I had work…

    Fuck no.

    Maybe I should tell my parents I cared for them…


    Maybe… I smiled.

    My car was in the parking lot. Driving a ways, I knew exactly what I wanted to do…

    There was a pretty girl who came in occasionally, and I knew where she worked, as I had seen her work card on her waist. She was a nurse at Saint Gerome’s hospital, and there had always been some inner flirting between us. Well… Time to get to know her.

    I drove to the hospital, and left my car in-between parking spaces, smiling lightly… I wasn’t restrained by anything now, and… Well, I felt a boost of confidence. My life was going to end soon, and… I would be free of the crap. Tell you the truth, I really hate my life… But by the same time, I felt some regret about joining the death cult… But hey, I was free.

    Walking into the hospital, I wandered around for a bit, running around, and then I saw her, pushing a cart full of various medical supplies that looked more like torture implements.

    “Hi! You come in occasionally at my work, you know me? Burger Den?” I said, panting slightly.
    “Yeah…” She said, giving me a look.
    “Well, my name is Harry, and… Well… I have 9 hours to live, and I figured I’d spend some of that time with you, because I think you’re beautiful.” I blurted out, and yet at the same time, I knew I wouldn’t be alive for long, so why fight it? This was the most confident I had ever been. It’s amazing what someone’ll do when they know they’ll die.
    “Wow… Umm… My name is Samantha. Nice to meet you…” She said, slightly blushing, and then at the same time smiling as she held out her hand, looking me up and down.
    “Yeah… Well, now I know your name…” I said, taking her hand.
    “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” She said, giving an annoyed look at the tray.
    “Well, what are you thinking?” I said, now full of confidence.
    “I need a break.” She said, looking at a broom closet in an intimate way.
    “Nice shoes, let’s fuck, right?” I said, grinning.
    “Yep. I think you’re hot too, and… Well, since you’re not gonna live, we might as well cut to the chase.” She said, leading me to the broom closet.

    So thus, we found ourselves in the broom closet, on some foam pads, fucking.

    Afterwards, I kissed her on the cheek, we both got dressed, and walked out as though nothing has happened. As I walked away, I felt a sort of strange detachment, as though we were trying to forget about the pleasure we had both experienced, as I would be dead soon. I felt a pang of sadness, knowing that if I could live, we could have done that more… But now it was gone.

    But then again, it was because I was going to die that this happened.

    “Bye.” I heard her call from behind me.
    “Bye…” I said, looking at her sadly, and yet smiling at the same time.

    I walked from the hospital with a smile on my face. I had fucked the girl I had been wanting to fuck for a long time, and now…

    Get smashed.

    My first stop was the Convenience mart, where I bought a 24 pack of Bud. Good stuff. I didn’t recognize the clerk, but the way he was grinning at me seemed to say he knew exactly what was going on, especially when I handed him the 100. I didn’t spend any time trying to analyze that, or the cult’s influence, but instead just went with it. I was going to buy a pack of cigs, even though I had quit, but then something stopped me… Why just cigs? I decided to go with the whole deal, and bought the biggest, fattest, cigar I could find.

    After that, I drove to one of the back allies by my house, where I knew there was a drug dealer. The transaction was quick, and I left there with a bit of weed, and one dose of E. Before I knew it, I was driving home… But then it struck me.

    On the other side of town was the Los Carmillos vista estates, a rich ass condo complex. I had tried to get in for a while, but they had denied me. They hadn’t denied the manager, and a lot of my more annoying customers came out of there… But I wasn’t good enough for them. Well, I was too poor, but they didn’t have to be such pretentious jackasses about it.

    I let myself in through the front gates, and went to the back fence by the pool, and began my binge into the great beyond.

    One tablet of E, one nice bit of pot, 5 beers, and one big ass cigar later, I was naked, singing happy birthday to me while running around in the pool, laughing as several 10 year old girls screamed in horror at the sight of me, and fled. I tried to follow them, but fell into the kiddie pool, managed to retrieve my boxers, and spent the next few hours laying there, staring at the stars and drinking the water, then pissing it out. I would occasionally grab a sports bag someone had left, and puke in it.

    I just didn’t care anymore. I was so fucking comfortable, and yet so fucking cool at the same time. Man… It was deep. I was able to think about god, the universe, reality, and everything, and it all made sense. Hell, it was like… trippy shit after a while, as I began to see the sky spin slowly. I must have passed out, as after a while, I woke up, and I remembered, along with a horrible pang of pain from the pre-hangover hangover, that I had not much time to live. Glancing over at the clock, I saw what time it was.


    Shit… One more thing I had to do.

    I ran, still dripping wet in my boxers, to my car, which was parked outside the condos. I nearly ran into security a few times, but was generally amazed they hadn’t found me in the pool. Still, I managed to get to my car without any problems, and drove to my last destination.

    Burger Den. I had been scheduled to work today, but little did I care. I got out of my car, strutted in, still in my wet boxers, screamed at some customers, flipped them off, then grinned at Billy, one of the new cashiers, whose expression was a mix of admiration and utter horror. I then ran to the back room, and tore the door open.

    “FUCK YOU!” I screamed, “FUCK YOU TO HELL!”

    My manager, and the assistant manager, Petunia and Denny, looked at me with glazed over expressions, then went back to their work.

    “I said fuck you and your pissy shit ways, you self righteous bitch asshole fuckers!” I shouted.

    They simply looked at me, and I could see their internal hardware failing, and they began to twitch.

    I don’t know if this next part was the drugs or what, but their heads exploded, revealing a mix of elaborate circuitry and plastic; they were robots… My suspicions were confirmed.

    I then proceeded to walk out of the store, laughing hysterically, and returned to my car. Driving off, I parked in the Grocery Mart parking lot… Let my soul be sold, my life be taken… I had done everything I wanted to do before I died today. My life felt… somehow, sadly, complete… Thanks to a death cult.

    I was laughing at the irony of it all, which I noted the clock on my car.


    I gasped, and then felt a rush of horror take me. Panicking, I looked around, trying to see something, anything, what would bring my doom. Glancing back at the clock…


    I checked my watch, which I had set to work time, which was apparently set to atomic time… 7:01. Gulping, I took a step outside my car.


    I jumped, then turned around to see Grocery guy and the cult leader, smiling.

    “What the fuck? Why am I still alive?” I stammered.
    “This was all a test. You passed.” Grocery guy said, grinning, fixing his glasses.
    “What…?” I said.
    “You’ve seen fight club, right?” the cult leader asked.
    “Yes…” I said.
    “In the beginning, you have to go through a test to see if you get in.” He said.
    “Oh…” I said, realization dawning to me through the mist of drugs and the booze.
    “Yeah… You lived this day as though it was your last, and that’s what it takes to be one of us. Whereas most idiots would spend their last day trying to escape, you spent it getting shitfaced. We like that type of attitude, so welcome.” He said, patting me on the back.
    “So… I’m part of you now?” I asked.
    “Yep. You get to know the secrets to Ixulcara.” He said, grinning.
    “But… Is this like fight club, we’re gonna fuck up the system?” I asked.
    “No, we’re gonna steal the system’s soul, and wipe those who’ve fucked with us off the face of the earth” He said, smiling.

    A SUV plastered in republican stickers passed us just then, and some rich ass looking soccer mom passed, honking at us to get out of the middle of the parking lot. The cult leader smiled at me, and then opened a book, and made an obscene looking gesture, although at the same time it was unlike anything I had seen before.

    The SUV, now at the end of the parking lot, vanished in a burst of green smoke.***

    I looked at the cloud of green smoke, and simply smiled. Grocery guy handed me some black Jeans and a studded hoodie, and I put them on, smiling. I was now a free man.

    I managed to keep my job, as both my manager bot and co-manager bot were replaced, or weren’t robots in the first place, just very forgiving/too lazy to fire me, but I also go to the cult every now and then. The other day, also, I noticed a guy at the gas station looks pretty depressed. I’ll have to tell him what we’re up to, and help him.

    We are slowly regaining what was taken from us, our dignity, our lives, our purpose. We will have our revenge.

    *Later I realized he did have Parkinson’s, which was rather embarrassing. Still, I hear he’s a pretty popular raver, and an even better DJ.
    **I later learned that she was dead, and that burial was the generally socially accepted thing to do to dead people… But at the time, I thought she was asleep. I was pissed, and refused to go to Church ever again. My dead end parents didn’t care, and most of the time it was Grandma who brought me to church.

    Sometimes I wonder if she was just asleep.
    ***Several seconds later, in the 15th dimension of hell, a SUV appeared in a green puff of smoke, and promptly fell into a vat of boiling acid.

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