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Peter Jung (peterus7) wrote,
@ 2004-09-05 19:04:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current industrial techno


    “I live a normal life.”

    Every day, I have to believe that to survive, and focus on the more normal aspects of my life. Otherwise, I might go mad, with all the crap that goes on in my life. Sometimes I wonder, what did I do to deserve this, but in the end it gets me nowhere. Still, my only choice is to keep on going.

    There is one person in particular who has helped me survive my family’s weirdness, the crazy crap that goes on in the secret base, and all the other bizarre things I’ve been though, and her name is Marissa. She’s a year older than I am, 18 in a month, and she got her G.E.D. shortly after dropping out of high school her freshman year. She’s brilliant, but now she spends most of her time watching anime. Still, she’s a great person. She’s beautiful, caring, nurturing, quirky, and intelligent. It is for these reasons that I have kept her away from my house, until she called, wanting to come over.

    “We’ve known each other for how long, and I’ve only been in your house once! I wanna spend the night!”
    “Trust me, you don’t want to.” I told her.
    “Oh come on, I’d be fine… I know you’re family is a bit… Uhh…”
    “Interesting… So I’d like to meet them.”
    “Fine… But… I warned you.”
    “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    The next morning went like a Thursday, even though it was a Friday… Although it was a pretty typical weekday.

    I woke up to the my alarm clock playing some angst rock band crying about how all his friends were dead in his mind, but in reality they had all just left him because he was a loser. I pondered the poor bastard for a few minutes, then turned off the radio, shutting him up for good. I then took down all Percy’s webcams that had been set up around the bathroom and took a shower, got dressed, and went downstairs.

    My mom was puttering around, wearing her Thursday dress, a stupid short skirt with flowers, and preparing the usual Thursday dinner, Corn stew. Figuring it was best not to ask about why we were eating another thing of corn stew, I walked to the cabinet and reached in to grab a pop tart.

    “Emily, wake up your brothers and father.”

    There it came. Somehow, she knew the exact moment when I got a hold of the pop tart wrapper to tell me to wake people up. Just as I was getting a hold of sweet carbohydratey goodness, I am torn away by it. This happens every morning like clockwork, and I dare not disturb it, as I have a gut feeling that if I did, something horrible would happen, such as the universe folding in on itself.

    Letting the Pop Tart go, I walked up the stairs with a groan aimed at my mom. She smiled sweetly with her fake botoxy smile.

    First door. Percy’s room. I have mixed feelings for Percy… In some ways, I love him as my brother. He’s a great brother, and he’s always been really nice to me, and looked out for me. He also places webcams in the bathroom to catch me changing, and I think he has a website devoted to me, although I don’t want to look. Aside from the fact that he’s a creepy porn freak who tries to film me changing and watches anime porn all the time, he is deeply caring and somewhat of a mentor.

    I knocked on the door, then entered with a hand full of webcams that I had gathered from the bathroom. He was lying on his futon, dozing while heavy industrial techno played on his computer, which was probably the biggest thing in the room, as his room is very small, and seems even smaller with all the dirty posters he has on the walls.

    “Hey Percy, wake up.” I said. He groaned, then opened his eyes and slipped on his glasses.
    “Mornin…” He groaned.
    “Look Percy, I’m having a friend over today. Her name is Melissa, and she’s really cool. If I see one webcam up, I’ll kill you.” I said, then threw the webcams at him. One of them barely missed his face, but he gave me a somewhat confused look, before falling back on the futon. I closed the door, and sighed. I don’t like yelling or being mad at Percy, as he’s usually very nice to me, and it just doesn’t feel right.

    Next door, Alan. Alan is shorter than Percy, a little thicker, and has blondish hair, and hazel eyes. He’s also a stoner psychic, and he’s always doing something weird. I knocked on the door, then entered.

    When I say he’s always doing something weird, I don’t mean he’s trying to use a set of Tarot cards to see the future or making a bong out of a can of Pepsi, but something infinitely weirder. Today, I opened the door to see him holding out his left arm, then passing his right hand through it. His left arm flickered as it passed, but otherwise was solid.

    “Neat, huh? Oh, and you have a friend coming over? Well, you should…” He began.
    “No. No telling the future.” I said sternly.
    “Fine… Well, I’m up.” He said, continuing to pass his hand through his arm. I nodded, then closed the door. Alan’s cool and all, he’s just sort of hard to talk to sometimes, as… Well, he has a personality, but it is so entrenched in other worlds and weird psychic stuff that we don’t really get to see it. I figure he has a lot of friends that he’s very close to, they just aren’t really human… Or living.

    Final door, my parents room. I knocked and entered, and sure enough, my dad was dozing with the green pulsating symbiote on his head. How he got that thing I can only speculate, but when you work at a secret government base as a molecular biologist, you can pick up some weird things. Still, as a dad he’s fairly normal, just really busy with work all the time, so I don’t really know him as well as I’d like.

    “Dad… Morning.” I said. He let out a groan, then looked at me with half open eyes.
    “Uhhh… Okay.” He said.
    “I have a friend coming over to spend the night tonight, okay?” I said.
    “Yeah, sure… Your mom always makes too much food as it is…” He moaned, then rolled over. I sighed, then shut the door.

    I walked downstairs to see Percy trying to slide his arm through Alan’s arm, but failing and getting a weird red shock, which resulted in both of them cracking up. Sighing, I turned to my mom, who was just putting more plastic wrap on the stew.

    “Mom, I hope you made extra, I’m having Melissa over tonight.” I said as I leaned forward to grab my Pop Tart.
    “Oh, okay, I’ll make some more!” She said, smiling in a creepy fake way.
    “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.” I said, walking out the door. Just before I left, Percy called out to me.

    “Hey Emily… I have another CD for you.” He said, handing me a CD which was labeled ‘Emily mix 31.5.’ I smiled, and put it in my CD player. It was a mix of some of my favorite bands, which Percy had burned into one CD. That’s the thing about Percy, he’ll do stuff like that, for no real reason. I guess that’s one of his redeeming factors, and the CD actually had some of my favorite songs.

    I guess that more than anything made the school day more bearable, even though it was an assembly day, and our periods were all mixed up and short. The assembly was the culture assembly, one of the most boring assemblies of the year, where kids from different cultures came up and did stupid presentations on their cultures and played some crappy music. It did have one redeeming factor, though, for at the very end the large faction of neo-nazi’s (or ex art school students who had been brainwashed) would come in and begin beating everybody down. It was fun to watch, but I didn’t feel like getting involved, as sometimes members of the audience would get swept into the violence.

    Sure, my life is normal.

    Anyway, I decided to skip it and stay in Mr. Lantern’s class, as he let us hide from the assemblies and convinced the hall patrol* to leave to leave us alone. Mr. Lantern has always been a nice guy, and he’s the resident philosophy teacher. Both Percy and Alan had him, and now I have him, and he really likes me. He actually invited Alan to come back to class a few times to participate in the debates on religion, although Alan played the trump card that while nobody else could prove or disprove god, he personally knew god. To prove the point, he flickered out of existence for a second, and then returned a few seconds later, and as he did, several lightning bolts blasted the classroom.**

    Anyway, we were relaxing on the couches when out of the blue Melissa walked in.

    “Hiya Emily!” She said, smiling. I always fall for Emily’s smile, as she has a great smile. It just puts me at ease, even if I’m surprised to see her. To tell the truth, I had been a little apprehensive all day about her coming over, but seeing her smile made me relax. She has short brown hair, glasses, blue eyes, and a perfect figure. Even so, she has her own relaxed style that seems to scream intelligent college student, and at times I just envy her so much, although the feeling is mutual according to her.

    “Melissa? How’d you get in?” I asked.
    “I flashed the hall patrol… What? I’m kidding! Nah, I just have old school ID which got me past security, and I made it here, where I figured you’d be hiding… Philosophy room, eh? Well, let’s go.” She said.
    “Yeah, let’s go. Thanks Mr. Lantern!” I said as I grabbed my bag.
    “Anytime, and remember the worksheet is due on Tuesday…” He said, trailing off as another student approached him.

    Melissa and I were able to sneak past the Hall Patrol and get to the bus stop, and within minutes we were safe on our way home.

    “So, what do you want to do when we get home?” I asked.
    “I dunno, I brought my laptop, so we could watch some anime, or something.” She shrugged.
    “Cool… So, how have you been?” I ventured.
    “Really good. I’ve been trying to get a part time job so I can make a bit of money, and I think I might get hired as a grocer soon.” She said, smiling.
    “Nice…” I said. We continued chatting until we got home, then walked the half mile to my house. We reached it in no time, then stood in front of it. It doesn’t look weird, aside from the seven antennae jutting up from Percy’s room. Other than that, it’s a quiet suburban house, with nothing too interesting on the outside, thankfully.

    “We’re here…” I said, opening the door. Checking the living room for anybody, it turned out to be empty, as around this time Percy was in college, Alan was… doing whatever he did, and both of my parents had left for work.
    “Let’s go to my room.” I said, keeping a sharp eyes for concealed webcams. Sure enough, there was one hidden in a corner, and I tore it down when Melissa wasn’t looking. We made it to my room, which luckily had no webcams, and then we sat down and watched some anime. We spent at least 5 hours, just sitting and nibbling on some cheese flavored Goldfish crackers and pop that I have stashed in my room, while we caught up on old times. It had been a while since I had spent a nice long time with her, and we caught up on so much stuff.

    Still, I started hearing the noises of doors opening and closing downstairs, signaling the return of my family, and I felt a bit of uneasiness. What if my family weirded her out? What if Percy asked her something inappropriate? What if something bizarre happened? Still, I swallowed my doubts and tried to enjoy the moment.

    Dinnertime came around, and there was a knock at my door, then Alan passed through it without opening it. Melissa yelped, and I glared at Alan, until she began to laugh.

    “Wow! That was cool! You’re Alan, aren’t you? Wow! Do something else!” She said, grinning.
    “I am Alan… Now, check this out.” Alan said, then closed his eyes.

    I didn’t see anything happen, but Melissa went limp for a few seconds, then came too with a huge smile on her face.

    “Oh my god! Wow! Do it again!” she said, grinning. Alan did it several times more before telling us it was time for dinner. We came down, and the family had all been assembled, and there was an extra chair next to my usual chair.

    “Hello everybody, this is Melissa, Melissa, that is my dad, you know Alan, and Percy’s right there.” I said, smiling nervously.
    “Melissa… I’ve heard good things about you.” My dad said, smiling. He was wearing a hat over the pulsating green thing, and I had a feeling it was to put Melissa at ease.
    “Nice to meet you.” Percy said, smiling and giving Melissa a slightly seductive look, and she smiled back at him conspiratorially, and I kicked Percy from under the table.

    Dinner itself went well, as Alan showed off some of his powers, and Percy and Melissa got into a long chat about some anime, and by the time we had gone back to my room she was near giddy.

    “Emily! You always told me your family was weird!” She said, grinning.
    “They are!” I said.
    “Yeah! But they’re really cool too!” She said.

    We continued watching anime and chatting well into the night, and we ended up staying up until 2AM, before we decided to turn in for the night. I had a bad feeling about having Percy and a new girl in the same house together, but I managed to sleep well.

    The next morning, I woke up to see Melissa coming back into the room wearing her change of clothes, with damp hair.

    “I’m done with the shower.” She said, smiling.

    I felt time stop as one and one made two, and I rushed to the bathroom. Sure enough, there was a webcam, pointed directly at the shower. That… Bastard… I suppressed my rage at Percy, and went back to the room. Just keep it quiet… Keep it very quiet.

    “Hey Emily, thanks a lot for having me, but I really have to go. I have to go help my mom do some work stuff, but thanks for having me.” She said, grabbing her bags. I threw on jeans and a t-shirt and walked her to the bus stop, and the conversation was idle, although there was always the problem of Percy on my mind. Once she got back, I ran back to the house, and opened Percy’s door.

    He was in some sort of Web Shell, and I managed to catch the name: He was uploading things, and took a look back at me.

    “What?” He said.
    “I’ll be back…” I said, running back to my room. I got on my computer, then typed it into the address bar.

    Percy’s site. I had never been there, and never really wanted to… But it was shocking to see for the first time. There was a blog, a forum, a bunch of anime links, and a gallery. Clicking on the link, I found a few pictures of me in a towel tearing down webcams, and then I saw a batch of pictures in the –new- category.


    I clicked on the link, and there was a series of thumbnails of Melissa, stripping down, showering, washing her hair, and getting dressed.

    Seeing the pictures of me got on my nerves. A lot. But seeing the pictures of my friend, Melissa, who had nothing to do with Percy, made my blood boil. It didn’t matter that he burned me a CD, that he had always been nice to me, that he had ever done things for me. I clicked on the Forum, and found the ‘gallery updated’ post by MasterPercy, and replied.

    “This is Emily, and I will not stand for this shit being on the web. Percy, take this down. Hell, Percy, I’ll report your ass. I hope you burn, you fucker.”

    After that, I grabbed one of the webcams and stormed to his room, and as I did I felt the anger fill me. I wanted to kill him. In fact, I wanted him more than dead. I wanted him to suffer.

    “Look, about those pictures…” He began. I didn’t give him a chance to continue, as I chucked the webcam at his head. It his him squarely, knocking him off the chair. He hit the floor with a thud, then I picked him up, then kneed him in the groin. He screamed in pain, then I began to pummel him. He had violated one of my friends, and violated me, even when I told him not to. I made him pay. He shouldn’t have done that to me or a good girl like Melissa, so I hit him in the chest, threw him across the room, and started pummeling him in the face. The industrial techno was so loud I could barely hear the sounds he was making, until I heard a cracking noise.

    Something held my fist back, and I saw what had become of my brother. His glasses were cracked, and halfway down his face. There were several lens shaped imprints on his face, and his face was pretty badly cut and red. His nose was bleeding, and he had several cuts on his arms.

    Tears were streaming down his face.

    “She was… on the forum… knew me… I had her… permission…” He muttered, before his eyes closed, and his body went limp.

    I grabbed Percy as he slid down the wall, leaving some blood stains where I had hit him pretty hard. I held him tightly, and took his broken glasses off. I spent ten minutes with him, and we both cried.

    I felt so terrible. I had hurt Percy. I had… I didn’t know if he was lying, but it might make sense that she was on the board and knew his site. From what I had gathered, Percy was somewhat of a net celebrity, popular among anime porn nerds all over the web… And Melissa probably liked anime porn too… Still, in either case, I had hurt Percy, when all he had ever done was just be a stupid perverted boy. I had hurt him badly.

    Eventually he woke up, and looked up at me.

    “Hit me.” He said.
    “No… I deserve to be hit… I shouldn’t have beat you up… I’m so sorry Percy.” I said, stroking his head, shuddering at the bumps that were forming.
    “No… I deserve it… I shouldn’t put these webcams up… I’ll stop…” He said.
    “Percy…” I said, then held him closer.

    Five minutes later he let out a groan, then got up.

    “Leave me alone.” He whispered, groaning and grabbing a first aid kit under the bed.

    I left, and yet I felt terrible doing so. Still, he had the right to want me out of his room, as I had just kicked the shit out of him for no real reason. I walked back to my room, and fell down on my bed in tears. Several minutes later I heard Percy scream “NO!” and then open his door and storm out, but I didn’t care to see what it was, I could barely move off the bed, as the depression felt like a 1000 pound weight on my stomach.

    I must have spent the rest of the day in my room, moping, watching a few movies on my computer to pass the time, until it was dinner. I came down, but Percy wasn’t there.

    “Where did Percy go?” I asked, noting his empty chair.
    “Oh, he said he had some business to deal with.” Alan said, handing me a plate. I shrugged, figuring he was probably out on a walk or something, as that’s usually how he deals with depression. Still, after dinner I began work on a present for Percy. I didn’t really know what would be appropriate, but I must have spent at least two hours trying to sketch an anime character for a card to him. Finally, I got it right, and slipped it under his door.

    I had a bad night that night, and woke up early the next morning, before my alarm clock had even gone off. I heard a strange noise outside, and took a look.

    Dozens, if not hundreds, of people were on our street, in front of our house, with signs saying things like “I love you Emily!” or “Emily for president!”

    The sight hit me like a wall of bricks, and I just stood there, staring, until I realized that they saw me, looking at them in my underwear. Quickly, I slipped some clothes on, then opened the window.

    “Who the hell are you?” I screamed, but before they could respond an arm closed the window and grabbed me away. I looked up to see Alan, hovering slightly off the ground with a serious look on his face.

    “One moment.” He said, then suddenly a vague image of Percy’s head appeared in the air.

    “Emily! You shouldn’t have posted on the board! Your IP was left there, and they figured out where we are located! Now all my… your fans… are here! Anyway, dad doesn’t like having people in our front yard destroying the garden, so Alan, he, and I are working on it. You just stay put.” The head said, before flickering out. Alan gave me a stern look, then flickered away.

    I sat back on my bed, then suddenly a rock hit my window, and a loud chant resounded.


    I curled up in a ball in the corner of my room and hid, not knowing what to feel at the moment. I then realized that with all the weird things in my life I shouldn’t mind something stupid like this, so I turned on the radio and tried to think normal thoughts. The blaring rock drowned out the noise of the mob, until I heard a door being forced open downstairs.

    I began to feel a bit worried, and locked by door, then grabbed a baseball bat that I keep underneath my bed for situations like this.***

    I waited by my door, and then I heard a vague thumping at it, and then it all stopped, and all was silent.

    Thump. Thump. Thump.

    It was coming from outside. I glanced out to see a ver large leg, and a scattering mob. Looking up, there was a rather large Robot, with Percy and Alan sitting in a cockpit at the top. My dad was on the ground with a strange looking rifle that shot a blue ray that froze anyone who got in his way. The mob was screaming now, as Percy and Alan blasted them with gattling gun fire and heat seeking missiles, while an entire cluster of people were now popsicles thanks to my dad’s work. After a few minutes, the robot left, and I saw my dad walk into the house.

    “Emily… It’s dad. It’s safe now.”

    I opened the door to see him standing there, the green thing on his head pulsating rapidly.

    “Thank you dad.” I said, then gave him a hug. He gave it back, then pulled away and gave me a kind sort of look.

    “Emily, I know you’ve gone through a lot of crazy things, but this is probably the hardest for you. Percy told me everything, and he’s sorry that he did what he did. Still, I had a chat with him, and he says he’ll stop doing it if you want him to… Now, how are you?” He asked.
    “I… I guess I’m okay.” I said, managing a smile.
    “Good, because I’ll need all the help I can get to clean up this place before mom gets back. She had an all day thing today, and she would go crazy if she saw all these bodies.” He said.
    “Why don’t you make Alan fix it?” I asked.
    “Good idea… Anyway, I have to get this prototype cryo-lazer back to work, so I’ll see you later.” He said, turning around and walking down the stairs. I sat down on my bed, then lay back and dozed off.

    “Emily…” I heard a voice say. I opened my eyes, and saw Percy there, looking at me. He was still pretty badly hurt, and his glasses were still cracked. I got up immediately and hugged him, then backed off and looked at him, remembering what I had just seen.
    “Okay… I’m sorry about them… I’m sorry about everything…” He said.
    “No, I hurt you more…” I said, seeing how he had a hard time pronouncing things correctly due to the blood in his nose.
    “Well… Okay… But… I’ll stop if it bugs you.” He said.
    “No… No. Percy, let’s put this all behind us. Let’s act like this never happened, and that things are back to normal again… Although I feel… terrible about what I did to you. You didn’t even fight back…” I said, looking down.
    “It’s okay… But… are you sure? Are you saying I should keep the webcams up?” He said.
    “Yeah, and I’ll tear them down as always… And if Melissa wants to go do stuff with them and gain a stupid fanclub of her own, then I don’t care, go her.” I said quietly.
    “Umm… Okay…” He said, then got up a little shakily, then walked out.

    We didn’t talk for the rest of the day, but the next day was a Monday. I woke up to the sound of some slow metal where the lyrics were indiscernible, although if played backwards, they would probably be quoting Revelations. Getting up, I took a shower, and ignored the webcam in the bathroom. I didn’t put on a show, but I didn’t stop it either. I let Percy have one shot, as a thank you, and as an I forgive you, but after that I started taking them down. Melissa started coming over a lot more, and after a while her and Percy started dating, or something like that, although soon after they decided to stop dating, and it became really awkward between them for some reason that I still don’t fully understand.

    Still, after that night, life went back to normal, if you can really call my life normal.

    *A group of the Neo Nazi’s assigned to guard the hallways in the name of the Furher.
    **Only one student was hit, and he had superpowers for a few days afterwards, but they faded, and now he just is able to spit fruit juice.
    *** I used to have an assault rifle, but Alan accidentally lost that in some dimensional void, so I got stuck with the bat.

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