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Peter Jung (peterus7) wrote,
@ 2004-09-01 16:48:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:Twisted pair playlist

    Storytime. Again.

    “I live a normal life.”

    Some people have mottos, other people have dogmas, and other people just have dorky catchphrases that they try to repeat… But this statement is more of a declaration of denial, and a hope that things might eventually become somewhat normal.

    For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Emily. I live with my family in the suburbs somewhere in middle America with my two brothers and my parents. I’m 17, 5’8”, 110 lbs, and fairly flat chested. I have black hair, and I’m a bit pale. I wear skater clothes, and I listen to heavy rock a lot, and play counter strike. I think school is boring, and I’m single, although I’m hoping that will change soon.

    To say the least, I’m fairly normal, but when I’m living with my family, that’s where it breaks down. My dad has a green pulsating thing on his head, my mom is a nude model. My eldest brother, Percy, is a perverted hacker, and my second oldest brother, Alan, can see ghosts, make things move with his mind, and float when he’s stoned. I won’t even begin to go into how these things came about, but I assure you, it just gets weirder.

    Still, it was a pretty average morning for me. I woke up to my alarm blasting heavy metal music complaining about how being single sucked, but if the singer were in a relationship he’d kill the girl. Whiney ass. Then came my usual routine, take a shower, try to avoid my brothers webcams he’s put up around the house, and finish it off by putting on my black hoodie and skater pants.

    Walking downstairs, the usual sight of dinner laid out on the table met my eyes. My mom isn’t around to make dinner at dinnertime, so she makes it in the morning, then puts it in plastic wrap and sets it around the table, leaving the dinner table unavailable until around 8. Sure enough, she was puttering around, admiring herself in the mirror and fixing the plastic wrap on the meatloaf, or whatever that strange looking brown thing was.

    “Good morning Emily! Say, do you think everybody else is up?” She asked in her usual perky manner.
    “No.” I grunted, trying to seem more tired than I was, as usual.
    “Then get them up!” She said, with an eerie smile on her face.

    I always wonder why my mom doesn’t go wake people up, but instead she always depends on me. I don’t know why I don’t wake people up on the way downstairs, but it just works out that once I get down to have breakfast, I am immediately sent back up.

    First door: Percy’s room. His room is covered in pornographic posters, sci fi posters, and anime posters. His computer takes up half of it, and his futon takes up the other half. He’s a pretty hardcore pervert, and just entering his room makes me feel a little… small.

    “Percy. Wake up.” I said, opening the door. He was sitting there, at his computer with the DOS prompt open.
    “Emily, what do you want? I’m about to go to bed!” He said, squinting at the sunlight seeping in from the open doorway.
    “It’s morning.” I said.
    “So it is.” He said, noting his taskbar clock and shrugging. I shrugged back, and slammed the door.

    Second door: Alan’s room. This room has a lot of books on metaphysics, and a bong somewhere. It smells strongly of incense, and we had to take the smoke alarm out because it was going off every other day. Still, it’s better than Percy’s room of anime porn.

    “Hey Alan…” I said, opening his door.

    He was sitting there in his boxers with a marker, writing equations on a large sheet of butcher paper he had put up on the wall. All these equations seemed to lead to a large spiral he had drawn in the middle of the butcher paper, and some of the equations seemed to factor in elements such as ‘souls’ and ‘subspace.’ He even had some of the equations written on his body, and a large X on his forehead. He turned around to see me, and his eyes were slightly glowing.

    Something you should know about Alan, he’s a bit of a psychic, but also a bit stoned. When you’re dealing with Alan, you might see him begin to float, flicker, vanish altogether, or begin speaking in tongues. You might also hear him talk about how space and god are totally different ideas, and how deep it is that we have three dimensions, and how it’s all so deep, and other stoner BS like that. I try to ignore him, but when he begins to make things float around the house, it’s sort of hard not to pay attention.

    “I know, time to wake up. Oh, and by the way, it’s not going to work.” He said, smiling in a very creepy way.
    “Alan, we talked about this. Stop telling me the future.” I said, rolling my eyes.
    “I know.” He sighed, then going back to his equations.

    Third door. My parents room. Very stereotypical parental room, with a King sized bed and a TV, and my dad’s PhD in Molecular Biology hanging from the head of the bed. I would be pleased with the normalcy it, but the fact that my dad and that green pulsating thing on his head sleep there does unnerve me a bit.

    “Dad, time to wake up.” I said, opening the door.

    My dad was in bed, scratching the green thing on his head frantically. In turn, it was beginning to turn a dark shade of oozing purple, but the pulsating had turned to a reddish glow.

    “I have an itch, but this thing won’t move!” He muttered, scratching frantically.
    “Dad, time for breakfast… Just give it a break, and maybe it’ll scratch it for you, if you’d stop trying to kill it.” I said, again pretending I was more tired than I really was to give him the idea that school should really start later.
    “I’m not trying to kill it! If I were, I’d need a thermonucleonic ray…” He muttered.
    “Yeah, sure…” I said, shutting the door. My dad works for a secret base not too far from here, which is where he picked up the green thing, but occasionally he’ll slip and tell us one of the secret projects. Not that I ever understand the technical terms, but I figure the less I know, the better.

    Walking downstairs, my mom was still the only one there, and she had begun to admire her physique in the mirror. Grabbing a pop tart, I muttered a goodbye then walked out.

    Walking to the bus stop is one of the pleasantly normal activities for me. Very little distractions, nothing too strange, just suburban trees, suburban life, suburban people, and suburban vehicles. I hate the last most of all, as I almost get run over by one every week.

    The bus came rather quickly today, and I immediately took my seat next to Sarah, as I usually do. Sarah is blond and wears a lot of black, but her and I share very little in common. She’s a bit simple minded, but we hang out because we need to look like we have a friend on the bus, mostly for protection from the usual bus scum.

    “Hiya Emily!” She said, smiling.
    “Morning.” I muttered, getting my .mp3 player out before she began to go on about her latest clothes, or whatever happened in her painfully boring life.
    “Did you see the new boy! His name is Kevin I think… He’s on this bus!” She said.

    New boy? Interesting… Seeing as I was pretty single, news of a new boy was interesting. Most of the boys at this school were pretty self righteous asses who were into sports, and all the good ones had left high school to go to some special art institute, which was later proven to be a brainwashing center for the revival movement for the 3rd Reich. Sadly, after that, there were no good boys left, just the football idiots and the old ‘good boys’, who had since become a gang of neo nazis.

    “Where is he?” I asked.
    “Over there…” Sarah said, pointing a few seats forward. Sure enough, there was a new boy there, and he looked very nice.
    “Ohh…” I said.

    Kevin looked sideways, and I got a side profile of him. Black hair, dark eyes, thick emo-boy glasses, and a black hoodie. Part of me felt my heart skip a few beats, and another part of me wanted to pinch myself to see if this was just a dream. I overheard him talking to one of the other boys about his counter strike clan, and I took this opportunity to move a few seats forward.

    “You talking about Counter Strike?” I ventured in a spark of bravery very unlike me.
    “Yeah, you play?” Kevin said, smiling. God he was cute…
    “Oh yeah! I’m part of Clan Nexus! I’m Ventra…” I said, smiling.
    “Hey! I know you! I’m on Clan Norsegods! I’m CaptainFrag!” He said, smiling.
    “Yeah! We played you last Saturday! You were in the tower with the sniper rifle!” I said, grinning.
    “Yeah! Wow! That’s so awesome… Although, you know how Killzor was getting all those kills? We kicked him off our clan for using a bunch of hacks.” He said, taking a seat next to me. I could feel Sarah’s eyes drilling holes into the back of my neck, along with the rest of the girls in the bus.
    “Yeah, when I saw him randomly shooting at the wall and getting headshots I knew something was up.” I said.
    “Anyway, wow… So, what’s your schedule?” He asked.

    I told him, and he showed me his. We had four classes together. I felt my heart rise, I suddenly felt very girly. I wanted to scream and giggle, but instead I kept on talking about favorite weapons and favorite maps, and we practically spent the rest of the day talking about that.

    Still, aside from the counter strike obsession, he was really cool. First off, he was rather cute. Second, he was really cute. Third, he was pretty smart, and there was some real chemistry between us, and forth, he was gorgeous. Hell, after our third period together he had asked me out on a date, and even after that we spent the rest of the school day together.

    When I finally got off the bus, I exploded into giggling, feeling my dreams finally coming true. A totally cute guy being into me, who was into counter strike and had an IQ over 60! Perhaps I would now have a boyfriend, and that would help make my life normal*… Hell, even the prospect of a boyfriend made my feet numb as my heart beat harder.

    He told me he’d pick me up at 5, and so he did, right on the mark. I ran out to meet him, and gave him a hug. He hugged me back, and opened the car door for me. While it wasn’t a really nice car, it was pretty homey, and it had a nice CD player.

    “So, Kevin, where are you going to take me?” I asked, smiling at him seductively. I guess I looked a bit better than usual, as I actually made an effort to tie back my hair and make it look decent. He looked pretty good too, as he was still wearing a black hoodie, but was shaved.
    “Dinner and a movie sound good?” He asked.
    “What movie?” I asked, sitting back.
    “The new Dark Blade movie came out today,” he ventured.
    “Ooh, I wanted to see that.” I said, smiling. I then launched into a tangent on how this one should be better than the last two, and that the actor was different. He disagreed, and it was amazing how our conversation carried on. We felt like we had been going out for years, and when we finally finished our dinner and went to the theater we could barely keep our mouths shut, although now we were criticizing everything in the movie, as it sucked worse than either of us had imagined.

    Afterwards, we sat in the parking lot, in his car, just talking about the movie.

    “I still think the fight at the end could have been shorter.” I said, looking at him. He nodded, then sat back, a contented look on his face. He then looked at me, and I swear, his eyes glistened in the moonlight, even though there wasn’t much of a moon out.

    “You know, Emily, I don’t think I’ve ever known someone as cool as you… This last day has been really… Awesome.” He said.

    There it came… I had been anticipating something like that, and although it wasn’t as eloquent as I would’ve liked, I’m a sucker for things like that.

    “Me too…” I said, moving closer. He moved closer. I moved closer. He moved closer.

    Our faces were intertwined, and we were just staring at each others faces when our lips touched slightly, then locked. It happened again, then again, and he pulled the latch of my seat, and I felt it slide back. Lying back, I smiled up at him as he crawled onto the seat and kissed me again. We continued this for a little bit, and frankly it was amazing. It felt… really good, even though this was my first time doing this.

    After a while his hands slid under my hoodie, and began massaging my boob.

    “Kevin…” I said, looking to the side. I’ve always felt a little bit insecure about my small boobs, and it was really feeling obvious.
    “Is this wrong?” He said, looking at me.
    “I… I… I’m ashamed… They’re small.” I said, blushing.
    “Most guys like them smaller. I do… They’re perfect.” He said. I nodded.
    “Is it okay?” He asked.
    I nodded, and he continued.

    After a while, he went under my t-shirt, and then under my bra. Frankly, it was the first time any guy had done this to me, and frankly it felt pretty good. I could feel myself getting turned on, but at the same time I was a little wary, as I want to wait till at least college before I let a guy into my pants. Most of my friends have a waist up rule, and it seems like it works.

    Sure enough, he did try to get into my pants though. In mid french, his hand slid into my pants and stroked my panties rather clumsily, and the emotional high was slightly lessened. He had begun to rub somewhere that really wasn’t doing anything, and for a second I was torn between my want to tell him to rub lower, where it might do some good, and my want for him to stay above the waist. Eventually, I looked up at him and shook my head. He withdrew his hand, then sat back a bit.

    “Is it wrong?” He asked, looking sincere, but I could see the frustration in his eyes.
    “I’m sorry… Not yet.” I said.
    “Well… I guess we should stop, before I get any more ideas, huh?” He said, smiling grimly.
    “You’re such a gentleman.” I said, cuddling up to him. He sighed, and slid his hands up my shirt. Rolling my eyes, I enjoyed the moment.

    He dropped me off around midnight, just before my dad got home. I was able to sneak into the house and get to my room without issue, although the light pouring in from Percy’s room told me that he was probably awake… And that chances were, I had been gone long enough for him to set up some new webcams in my room. Still, it was late, and I was tired, so I went straight to bed, and didn’t even hear my dad come in.

    The next morning was the same as usual. I got up, and sure enough there were a few webcams in my room. I grabbed them and opened Percy’s door. He woke up with a start, and looked at me confusedly as he slipped on his glasses.

    “Uhh… Hi Emily.” He said, wiping some of the sleep out of his eyes and turning down that industrial techno he usually plays while he sleeps.
    “Enough with the webcams.” I said, tossing them at him. One of them hit him square in the groin, and he grimaced, then righted himself, although he was rather red.
    “So… Err… Who was that boy who dropped you off last night?” He asked, grinning painfully.
    “Wouldn’t you like to know.” I snapped playfully.
    “Well, I do have the right to know, as I am your older brother.” He said. I gave him a look, then closed the door. Oddly enough, I wasn’t asked to go wake everybody else up, so I grabbed a pop tart and took the bus to school. Kevin wasn’t on the bus, but Sarah was, and we didn’t talk… Although the bus seemed to be pretty quiet, and a lot of the people seemed sort of sick. It struck me that it was flu season, and for the first time in the 4 years my dad has forced me to get them, I was glad to get the flu shot.

    First period. Physical Education. I was in the locker room changing and trying to avoid getting nasty looks from the other girls who had an eye for Kevin when a member of the office staff’s voice came over the intercom.
    “Students and Staff, a warning has just been released from the classified base that a zombie virus has been released. Please report to the emergency AGGHHH… OH MY GOD MY ARM! IT HAS MY ARM!!!”

    It took the students several seconds to panic, although some of them just blamed it on a prank, just like the one time the UFO landed in the football field, or the ghost of Abe Lincoln came present on his presidency.**

    I was one of the smart ones though, I didn’t panic, but I didn’t really believe it was a prank either. I just wanted to get out of there with Kevin, and I began to hear screams coming from the auditorium. Suddenly, I noted one of the sick looking people eyeing me.

    I ran into the auditorium. The sight that met me was of total carnage. People were screaming, blood was all over the floor, and zombies were biting living people, then leaving them to slowly turn into zombies themselves. I caught a sight of a figure in a black hoodie slipping into the ball closet: Kevin.

    “Emily! What are we going to do! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!?!” Mr. Porter screamed. Poor Mr. Porter was a computer teacher who ended up teaching PE after they lost the computer budget… And he had been doing a horrible job at it, as his idea of a work out was installing a hard drive.

    I simply looked at him, and let out a guttural groan. He squealed like a little girl, and ran off. I just ran to the ball closet, and entered it, then closed the door behind me.

    “Kevin…?” I called out.
    “Hey.” His voice came back, a little shaken.
    “Hi…” I said, finding him in the darkness. He was trembling and shuddering.
    “I’ve never seen anything like this… I’m so afraid…” He said, holding me tighter. I felt him kiss my cheek, and then rub my neck.

    That’s when I realized he was fairly cold to the touch.

    “Kevin?” I asked, feeling his breath on my neck.
    “Mmm?” He mmmed.
    “What are you doing?” I asked, a bit nervously.
    “I’m so… hungry…” He said, his voice becoming raspy.
    “You’re a zombie, aren’t you!” I said, pushing him off. I heard him fall on some balls, and I found the light switch. I flipped it on.

    Sure enough, he was a zombie. His face was a little pale, and there was blackish goop coming from his eyes.

    “Please… Come on, don’t hold out on me…” He said, his voice still raspy.
    “No! I don’t want to be a zombie!” I said, looking at him sadly.
    “Oh come on, first you won’t let me get past second base, and now it’s that you don’t wanna be a zombie! I mean, come on! It isn’t really that bad! You know, I thought you were really… cool. Now, look… I just want to bite you, or maybe chew on some of your brains or something… That’s all. Just a little bit…” He said, with a quite frustrated look on his face.
    “No means no.” I said, crossing my arms.
    “Oh come on! Really! Look, if you were a zombie, you’d do the same to me!” He pleaded.
    “You know what? Screw you. Come back when you grow up… Or come back to life. Either one will do.” I said, stepping outside. Sighing, I heard the door open again.
    “Come to apologize? You know what, you’re a pathetic zombie… Now just wait it out till they find a cure…” I snapped, feeling most of my feeling I had ever had for him fall away. I mean, what a total jerk! I don’t care if he was a zombie and it wasn’t really his fault… What type of boyfriend tries to eat his girlfriends brains on the second time seeing her!
    “No, I’ve come to take what I want!” He growled. I turned around to see him lunging at me, but I managed to step aside, as being a zombie seems to make you pretty sluggish. Running away from him, I heard a few blasts, and a wall of the auditorium exploded.

    From the rubble stepped Percy and Alan. Percy had a kamikaze headband on and a shotgun, making him look like a gangly nerdish rambo. Alan had a bunch of bricks and pieces of rubble, orbiting him gently as he hovered several inches above the ground. The two began blasting any zombies that got in their way, and were followed by a bunch of Secret Service men.

    “Percy! What are you doing!?! What’s going on? Where did you get that gun?!” I asked, running up to him. He pointed the shotgun at me for a second, then lowered it and held it by his side.
    “Well, the government has decided to clean up this mess, and my dad asked Alan and me to help them out.” He said, shooting a few zombies as they got close. I felt a slight moral dilemma, but then some part of me felt that this was natural selection at work… As most of the zombies were people I didn’t like anyway.
    “Ahh… Well, if you see Kevin, the boy who dropped me off, I… Don’t kill him. He’s sort of a bastard, and I’m really pissed at him right now, but he’s probably the best chance at a boyfriend I’ll have at this school.” I said.
    “Okay…” He said, but right at that moment I heard a scream, and turned around to see Kevin collapsing to the ground with a brick lodged into his back. Alan hovered above him, and then killed a few more zombies with pieces of rubble.
    “Sorry…” Percy said, but I barely heard him. I ran over to Kevin, and suddenly I felt really quite sad. Alan swiveled in mid air, and gave me a weird look. ***
    “Alan!” I screamed, “He was my boyfriend.”
    “Oh… Umm… I wasn’t paying attention to your thoughts… I’m sorry… But I knew it wouldn’t work out.” He said somewhat apathetically.
    “But now he’s gone!” I snapped.
    “No I’m not! And you know what? We’re done! You held out on me long enough, and frankly… Well, you’re cool, but I don’t want to date a girl who won’t let me be me. Fuck you!” I heard his voice say.

    Looking up, I felt my heart almost skip a few beats as a transparent version of Kevin hovered above his body, while Alan chanted something in some eastern language.

    “Look, you were being stupid, okay? I just wanted time to get to know you better, okay? Now, can we please… just be friends?” I asked.
    “We’ll see.” He said, then faded as Alan finished his chant.

    School was let out early to clean up the corpses. About 100 students died, but most of them were idiots anyway, so I didn’t let it get to me. Overall, the government managed to cover it up and blame it on swamp gas. I went home with Percy, as Alan had teleported home, and we had a nice long talk about relationships. Even though Percy is a pervert, he is still my older brother and has always been there to calm me down when bad stuff has happened… Which is the only reason I put up with the rest of his crap.

    Still, when I got home I had a good cry alone in my room, and I came to realize that it probably wasn’t meant to be, as no matter what, boyfriend or not, my life isn’t normal, and that’s going to make any relationship a bit fucked up.

    Sighing, I sat back on my bed, and muttered those words.

    “I live a normal life.”

    *This thought was defeated when I realized that when we began doing it, Percy would plant Cameras all over the place and post our sex on the web. Prick.
    **This actually happened, when Alan was here. His senior project was on the civil war, and he didn’t actually submit a paper, but instead summoned the ghosts of most of the major politicians and generals of the time. Still, he didn’t submit a paper, so he failed the project, and barely graduated.
    ***His eyes were purple at this time, so that’s why it was a weird look.

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