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laur<3 (perfectkiss) wrote,
@ 2003-08-05 19:51:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music: kiss the girl | little mermaid -- lol :]

    kiss the girl...

    ··· today@!
    yup, the first day of a new session at camp. i am very pleased to say that this session, i have only 7 girls! last session i had 11. and one girl was absent today, so that was wonderful. so yeah it turned out to be a good camp day. here's why;
    1. A firetruck came! lmfao
    2. The fireman was the most gorgeous man in uniform; EVER.
    3. The craft wasnt tooooo hard
    4. Brenna's also workin' that session! yay!
    w0o! then after camp, me and my mommy picked up sar + her mommy and we ate lunch together. haha it was so fun. i love sar's mom. dana cracks me up. we had a lovely time. but God, it was raining soo friggin hard. it was absolutely pouring.
    so then after lunch, i went back to sarahs. i met her 3O year old step brother, Brian. he's so much fun. and 0MG he looks exactly like Johnny Depp's character in Chocolat. haha how weird is that?
    so me, sar, brian + keith [( brother )] played -the best game over- HAL0 on Xbox. it was soo great. and i did pretty good! w0o holla at meee!

    ··· tonight@!
    not doing anything. prob just relaxing and going to sleep early so i can get up for camp. i was supposed to sleep over brenna's but ehhh not in the mood. i'm currently downloading Disney songs lol like from lil mermaid and lion king, etc. haha! i know. ima dork. but oh how i miss being 5 years old.

    _<33 Laur

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