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laur<3 (perfectkiss) wrote,
@ 2003-08-04 12:43:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:IMs

    hey kiddos .. . ok i'd update about what is happening today and yesterday, but really there is nothing interesting to be said about yesterday, so i won't bore you about that.

    ··· today@!
    i'm going over to liv's house at around 1:3O. i think bunk is going too. i hope not. i mean, i like bunk, but she can be a total bitch sometimes. she's one of those girls that is soo sweet when you're talking to her, but then the next day you find out that she hates you. yeah so im sure you guys know what im talkin about. but she might not even come, anyway, so thats good. and if she does, maybe it'll be fun. we'll see.
    anywho, poor livi sprained her ankle =[ aww i feel so bad.

    ··· tomorrow@!
    i start workin again at that lil kids camp i mentioned on here before. blahh little kids suck. oh well i'm still excited. then at like 12:3O when the camp is over for the day, im going out to lunch with my mommy, sarah and dana! [( sar's mommy )]. w0o that should be VERY FUN. i love sar & dana. <33. then i think we're goin swimmin. i think.

    alrighty ima go now + make me a PB&J before i shower and then walk on over to liv's house! ;D

    _<33 Laur

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