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Pels Wick (Chad) (pelswick3000) wrote,
@ 2004-09-18 00:03:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:The Ex

    Piss Off
    Dang nabit, I seem to be to screw up things from time to time.
    Today Nikki called ans asked what I was doing. I told her that I was going to go see Sky Captain. Well later she calls and is like well I am going to go to now (to the movies). Well then I was like geez. SO............ I thought up of this brilliant idea........ I will gett back at her and take a girl with me., well I knew that Jenn would not go with me, even though I really wanted her too. Then this little thing popped into my head..... Joel! He is talking shit about me, so... Iwill take Kayla. Well I thought this was brilliant, but was it? I knew that the girls that Nikki was taking did not like tthis Kayla person either, so it had originnaly sound fine to me. Well that part worked for me, and Joel is pissed (haha take that), and Nikki thinks that I like her or something, and she is now leaving mealone (finally a break from her). BUT............. Jennifer came. Which was cool, because I got to see her, but not for someting good. She umm well, She is not likeing me at this moment. It is because of Kayla, which I do understand. But this fact is not fair. I have liked her for a litle while now, and I have not bee able to talk to her, well she does nmot talk to me. I am told that she had liked me, BUT she mever let me know. This sucks!!!!!!!!!! I did it so that Nikki would leaver me alone, and now I lost the girl I liked, but she would never call me, but that is ok, because like she said that she was busy. Maybe I am a sucker. Ohwell,.... I definitley have no chance with Jenn now. :( I will have to live with it.

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