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Chrissy (peasaregreen) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 09:42:00
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    Current mood:You know ;)
    Current music:postal service

    Correction, i know yo' fada.
    Summers ending. Uncompleted tasks. Still in search for that one party with my bia. I remember waiting for you to call. I need clothes. My uncompleted room is in ruins. Snip Snip and a bit of colour. Hanging with you know who for we know why. Screaming fuck at least one more time. Telling that one person that they're important. Mending ties in Kentucky. Burning bad memories. Getting serious with my black fingers. Speaking my mind in a crowded room. Meeting that one person who makes you wish that you could be better. Dreaming of the past but never the future. Smelling the roses without the flowers. Feeling free while being in the air. Never wanting to leave this town but then leave and never come back. Forget about people who make things harder then they should be. Trying to be yourself even if people think you're being fake for reasons unknown. Never mess with texas. Blast the music so loud that you become deaf in the left ear and sing so loud that you'll nevr be able to speak again.

    In fragments, this is my list of things to do and my checklist of things that are already done.

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