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Meghan (paxamore) wrote,
@ 2007-11-12 10:58:00
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    Should I really feel this alone
    In my so-called home?
    Maybe it’s not aimless thinking,
    Wondering if i should pack my things
    Middle of the night, set out running.

    I promise you I’d let go, I’d give up everything
    Just for this one dream of mine
    I’d trade these friends of mine
    Just for my one moment in time
    To capture the attention of a crowd
    For just even two full minutes
    Explain myself and pour my heart out
    Through these words scribbled out,
    Typed rushed to get done
    Hiding and hidden from the eyes of those familiar faces
    But just comfortable enough to let out to strangers.

    I’d give everything, down to my last dollar
    Just to let go, set out to places unfamiliar
    Collecting names as I cross state lines
    My wallet thinning and my bank account lessening.
    I’d give it all, just to get this one dream of mine.
    If I was down to a penny, I’d throw it over my shoulder
    Into the fountain, if it meant one more chance at this wish coming true.

    I hope you were listening when I said
    “I’m in the east coast now, but I’m west coast bound”
    I really hope you were listening, preparing your lips for this,
    Gloating, “I knew her before she was famous”

    Because I promise you when I say,
    I’ve never felt so strongly, I’ve never felt so right
    I’ll be out of this cramped town, by tonight.
    Heading on to big cities that can hold my hopes, dreams and thoughts
    I’ll write to you when I can, but know I’m not coming back.
    I’ve made it out, ‘Los Angelos…10 miles’ I’m homebound now.

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