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Typical Teen (pathetic_life) wrote,
@ 2004-04-07 17:27:00
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    golden age..
    ok so these past couple of days... were amazing..
    monday i went to erics house for passover... and it was cool... very good experience i wont ever forget it... EVER... everyone went and explained everything and i asked questions and then when the sedar started it was nerve racking because i didnt know i had to read... so yea... eric was very poliet... VERY.. he helped me with the reading... and he told me what everything was like... COUGLE IS AMAZING... anyway... after the sedar me and eric hung around in his playroom... and we talked and laughed and just like it was fun... and then we had dessert and that was even good.. and then me and eric hung out a little more and then it was like 10 and mr. herman took me home... and the moon was so big that night and it was so cold... but it was still wonderful..

    tuesday... me felicia britt katrina and stacie went skating and then we invited arnold along... it was more like everyone and even the 8 year olds could skate better than me.. so arnold got there and he couldnt skate or anything so i helped him out and we hung around because we were the losers... lol... so yea and then felicia asked me if i liked arnold... and i was like eh... kinda ... sort of... YEA... lol... hes amazing... he makes me smile... but yea.. he likes people like elise and tierney so i have ZERO chance.... and i kind of knew that i have zero chance with everyone... it makes me sad..

    today... i went to school... i had to do prompter this morning and it sucks and shit... and then all my classes were fine... and i dont know like photo was cool and then gym was alright... and i dont think im going to get too much homework over break... i hope... gah

    right now eric went to stage crew... *tear* so yea... other than that i told tierney that i likearnold and how i never will have a chance..

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