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j101 (pastlives) wrote,
@ 2005-04-21 13:04:00
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    The amazing thing about reality is that everyone creates their own. Why do they do this? .... I believe the answer to that is cope, to make everything bearable. And our moments of greatest depression usually only occur during the brief times when we see the truth. Truth and ones reality... these are things that are often used as being meant to say the same thing, when in actuality I believe that they are exact opposites. The junkie seldom see's himself as one and all of the most heinous acts in history were comitted by people who belived that they were in the right.
    "Ignorance is bliss" really is a true statement if nothing negative is thrown into ones little augmented reality than he or she may go on believing everything will be ok.
    Whoever said that "it is better to have love and lost than never loved at all".....was a moron who obviously had never experienced loss. This kind of goes back to my first statement. If you never met the person you lost than you would never feel the pain of losing that person. I dont mean to say that one should not go after happiness out of fear of one day losing that acquired happiness. But that losing someone you love is painful and no matter how many stupid sayings people will utter in futile attempts to cheer you up you will still be missing a part of yourself.

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