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Erin (passtheflame) wrote,
@ 2004-04-11 21:47:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:"seein' red"~ unwritten law

    im not dying yet....
    nothing very signifcant has happened....just chillin here and there. i went over kelsey's yesterday. this is when i decided that i do have friends but im not very close to anyone...i am way to secretive and keep so many things from people. caylin is the only kid im close to. but lately we've been kinda distant. o well i better get used to it i mean she isnt gonna be around here forever and i certainly am not. as soon as i can im moving somewhere else. i wanna start over so bad. i needa new situation to deal with. i am tired of this mess...but i think im gonna keep sorting through and untangling knots because im stronger than it...what ever it is. all i know is that its trying to eat me alive. strangle me. drown me. at first i was gonna let it but im not gonna go out without a fight. not yet atleast.
    im moving to georgia with my aunt this summer for the majority. maybe gettin away for about a motnh with sort me out...even change me? i hope so. i mean i dont see why it wouldnt ill be totally isolated from everyone around here. ill meet new people. i might even make some interesting stories. god i cannot wait. i really dont htink i can. lets ends what....the 23rd 24th? ill be away by the 26th far away. and then ill be with my family...the ones i never ever see
    wow i feel semi bad for kels and liz...more pissed off for them actually. i guess people are callin their houses and threatening them and harassing them....i thin i may have to kick ass...because i can...mwahaha

    ok i gtg to bed...i think i am not sure...gotta see what time i gotta get up tommorow. eh w/e

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