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Passionfruit Jones (passionfruity) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 01:06:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:the sound of air conditioning in the valley...

    PJ's Feeling Loved...
    Passionfruit Jones really loves her sisters. Blood, soul, play-play, all of that... PJ love them ladies! Her real sister is anxious to see her new blurty page, but is too young... even though PJ wonders what lil sis is doing up on the computer this late for. Passionfruit has received a warning from her soul sister, sistergirlfrombackhomewhoisdoingthedamnthingalldayeveryday (Dada for short), that when she and sistergirlfrombackhomewhoissweetaspieandwonthurtafly (Lala for short) get to LA for her birthday, Passionfruit Renee' Jones BETTER give them some quality time away from Miss Marie, PJ's sweetie-pie extraordinaire. As if Passionfruit Renee' would DARE play her friends or her girl... she doesn't carry things that way. P-to-tha-J loves everyone individually and collectively, and has made the mistake of neglecting to show a sister that she cared about spending time with her - and has recently (as in this weekend) had that same question enter her heart about two so-called SISTERGIRLS who will remain nameless (countrybballplayerwhowasPJslilsisatSpelmanbutfrontedoncomingthroughtothecriblastweekend and morenamamacitanumerounowhosinsandiegothisweekendandcantcallnobody). "Damn, Gina!" Why'd it have to be that way? Anyway, Passionfruit Jones isn't tripping. Nor is she gonna trip on showing love to her girls when they fly out to see her for her 24th birthday. Nor will she neglect her honeypot, Marie-rie Baby. PJ can multitask with the best of them.
    On another tip... Passionfruit was smoking out with her girl Marie, and they began to trip in a good, giddy way. Recently, PJ has tripped out and tripped into a string of suppressed feelings about women in her past that she never kicked it to or with. One came to mind tonight while watching Golden Brooks on a late night talk show. Golden reminded her of an incident with a young woman, formerdallascowboycheerleaderwhoclaimedtobechristianatthetimebutstillwantedPJtosleepinherbedwithherinspiteoftheavailabilityofhercouchafterknowingPassionfruitforlessthanaweekbywayofamutualacquaintance (Dallas Dime for short). That night, Passionfruit Jones was picked up in Inglewood by Dallas Dime, and taken back to DD's house in Van Nuys so that Da Dime could drive P.Jo to the Making the Band 2 audition, which Dallas was too old to attend herself. This girl was fine as hell and Passionfruit was "Born Again" at the time, so she was suppressing the feelings in her clit as Dallas Dime, wearing her Adina Howard teeshirtandpanties ensemble, laid in her full-sized bed, waiting for Passion to get in the bed and sleep. Once PJ was in, she had a funny feeling... a feeling she started rebuking the devil over. She laid there, and laid there... hoping that the feeling would subside. But it wouldn't. So, Passionfruit Jones did what she thought she had to do - she took her pillow, asked for a blanket, and slept on the floor. PJ just said that she was having a back problem and needed the hardness of the floor for support. Ha! Passionfruit Renee' was horny, and the longer she laid in that bed, the worse it got. After all, this was Dallas Dime, a former black DALLAS COWBOY CHEERLEADER for crying out loud. Chocolate skin, luscious lips, long eyelashes, perfect breasts, slim, curvy body, and hell - there ain't too many curious black femmes out there who are able to resist Passionfruit's charm. Hell, she'd been charming fine ass women since she was 6. If she had played her cards right, perhaps she could've shown Dallas Dime what it was supposed to feel like to be a woman. Damn, another one bites the dust. Oh well, Passionfruit ain't trippin. She's got all the dime she needs in Marie, and then some. Marie charms PJ, and makes her feel more secure than anyone in Los Angeles. Definately any lover, ever. This is Passionfruit's first attempt at a real, loving, lasting relationship. Two months strong... Strong? Strong. Surprisingly, Passion Renee' is serious about someone who is serious about her. PJ's about to shout in 5...4....3....2.........THANK YA! HUH-HA! HEYYYYY! HA HA! OH SHO GO TO RO KYO! SHALAMAR SUMULUMAH! HA HA! HEYYYYY! HAHLELUH! HAH! LE! LU...(cartwheel down the aisle into an african dance and a drop to the floor).
    Okay, so maybe not, but it would've been worthy of all that activity. Instead, Passionfruit Jones is gonna get in bed and spoon her booty into Marie's belly and go to sleep.
    Goodnight. :)

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