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john (passedtime) wrote,
@ 2003-02-18 21:27:00
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    Current mood:indifferent
    Current music:Thrice - Kill Me Quickly

    another journey into the passed time.
    so begins another attempt at chronicling my life. i'll keep this short, as i'm due at my brother's apartment, so i'll give you a quick cast of characters:

    jonathan - my roommate. i don't see much of him, but when we're both around each other, we get along fine. OBSESSED with anne rice, so if, for some queer reason, i have any questions about her books, i need not look any further than 8 feet away.

    paul - a regular in my room. in fact, he's rather hard to shake. however, i'm greatly indebted to him because he was the first person i met here.

    david - a nigerian/hungarian that needs to grow up before he comes in my room. this does not stop his entrance, though. more of a hassle than a friend, although he does have a few good qualities.

    chris h. - one of the last people i met on the hallway, though he's my suitemate. i should say he's my sweetmate, because i could not ask for a better one.

    bryan l. - chris h.'s roomie. fun guy. i haven't found much wrong with him either, mostly because he's as indifferent about life as i.

    clay - a real freak. he always is saying something stupid that we end up having to explain for people that don't know him. he's another one who always seems to be around for some strange reason.

    this is quite an abbreviated cast, but i must go now. i will return to go into further detail and add more characters.

    Which Evil Criminal are You?

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