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Miss. Alanious (paranoideyes) wrote,
@ 2003-12-16 18:00:00
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    Current mood: geeky
    Current music:tv

    I hate my fucking computer. It's so messed up. My fault.

    3 DAYS TILL BREAK. Woot. It's going be the best ever, because I said so. Christmas is always good. I need so much shit. I can't paint my wall's again so im planing on getting a whole bunch of posters to cover my walls. That'll work. Then I want shirts. And i NEED a fucking guitar case. I want too much stuff. Buy me cool things. Oh yeah and i want a bazillion cd's. Someone buy me Hot Hot Heat, I'll give you a hug.

    There's nothing to talk about, well there is, I just can't think of it. Today was a good day. Lunch was great. Math was the best probably. Everyday me, Brittany, Desire, and Tyler sit on the floor and just laugh and act the way we used to back in the day, when we were youngins. I always say that; Back in the day when i was a youngin. My favorite word has to be conflabit. I made it up one day. I thought it was actually a real word. The word just kinda came to me one day, you know? Ok enough of that. I want kfc. I Love KFC. Love, Love, LOVE. I live for porcorn chicken and mashed potatos; I should set my goals a little higher. All this talk about chicken is making me extreamly hungry. kfc time!

    Leave me cool messages.

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