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Tani Tachibana Izaki (paradox7) wrote,
@ 2004-03-03 12:52:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:T.M.Revolution - Albireo

    OMG OMG OMG I'm gonna have a domain again!!!
    I am Andrew's ho for eternity! <3!!! Thank you soooo much!! XD My online friend Andrew registered the domain name ( meaning glitter-angel) as my birthday gift then he registered hosting for me <3!! *so happy* We'll see how it'll turn out :D I just miss making websites and having my own domain because I haven't had a domain for like half the year already for god's sake :P

    *glomps Andrew*

    Assuming that everybody have watched Oscars so I can blog about it. Ehehhehee LOTR sweeps 11 oscars.. how good is that? XD Although I feel sorry for other movies -.- They deserve to win too.. I think they picked a bad year to release the movies :X I so wanna see Lost in Translation now :X

    Erm.. YAY! I can finally receive 8TV now :D Yeah, it's a sorta new channel in Malaysia, but I couldn't get it before.. now I could.. so I'm happy XD Now I can watch American Idol.. :D :D Cable is so slow, they just announce the first group's top 2 -.-

    Oh yeah, i've finished watching Neverland. Such a strange drama XD But not as strange as Long Love Letter XD But I love it anyway :D :D I got hooked watching it, I finished watching in one day (with the last cd on the next day cuz I had to stop to go to Japanese class). Oh yeah, no Japanese class for 2 weeks.. *faints*

    Anyways.. yeah. .happy I have a domain again <3 WOOT

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