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Tani Tachibana Izaki (paradox7) wrote,
@ 2004-02-15 05:42:00
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    Current music:L'Arc~en~ciel - Ready Steady Go

    Crappy Valentines Day
    What did I do on Valentines Day? Nothing.
    I felt like crap -.- I had no mood to do anything, no inspiration to make any graphics, or to write fic..nothing.. So what I've been doing all evening? Stared at the 'puter screen.

    Last night I downloaded the Battle Royale Gaiden XD Ahhhh so good to see all the behind the scenes stuff. My DVD is the Korean version, not the UK Tartan version so no BR Gaiden in it ;___; After that I've became more and more obsessed with BR >.< I changed my 'puter with BR logo, and screensaver to BR. And tonight I've been looking at BR cosplayers XD I asked mom where am I gonna get the collar and she said that I can just make it myself o.O;... Ebay is selling a replica of that collar for cosplayers.. that'll make my life easier ;___;

    In the evening, NHK was showing "Popjam special in Makuhari".. around 1 hour and 30 mins Popjam special.. w-inds. was there! And Keita looked awesome o.o And it seemed like he gained a lil bit weight *shrugs* and after that, Da Pump was absolutely rocking. They were awesome! Exile was awesome too! <3 And there was that lady ..who sings the song "Hanamizuki" that Nino played in his radio show 2 weeks ago. And I think I've fallen in love with T.M Revolution <3 And I'm beginning to like Every Little Thing too...

    Later.. Shounen Club was awesome XD

    OH MY GOD I didn't know MTV Asia Awards 2004 was tonight! I managed to catch it <3 Vanness Woo was so hot! <3 I won't spoil you who won.. but GRRR I WANNA KILL SITI NURHALIZA. She won again for Malaysian artist. That bitch. DIE BITCH DIE. And first performance was from Machi. Andrew wasn't there but OH MY GOD the performance rocked! XDDDD MMMM shirtless men <3 And Simple Plan's performance was awesome too :D But overall it was ok, if that bitch Siti didn't ruin it all -.- And Machi even presented the award to her! GRRRR.

    Ok I think i better go to sleep now ;___; Valentines Day sucked -.- And my Friday the 13th was hearing the news about WB cancelling Angel. GODDAMN THEM.

    MY SCANNER IS SCREWED AGAIN. I drew a picture just now and I can't scan it. Need to get it fixed...
    List to do:
    - Make new Battle Royale icons
    - Make new Battle Royale bg
    - Memorize Katakana
    - Burn JPOP cd for somebody at IT forum
    - Study for Japanese oral exam next week

    Why isn't L'Arc-en-ciel's PV downloading? ;___;
    Currently Feeling: crappy

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