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Monique (paradise_city) wrote,
@ 2004-08-01 08:10:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:sound of my house...NEW house

    first day in hawaii.....FUN
    SO yeah I am in hawaii now and it was a good first or technically second day. We had a barbecue with a bunch of friends of jenns and now my dads. They all brought there kids. WOOHOO! I met this girl Sierra she is very cute and cool. He friend Lauren came also, her parents are also friends. She has a brother Shawn....very very hott! Long blonde...brownish hair. total surf stoke very cool to hang out with. haha. I have been to the beach liek 5 times...but mo surfing yet. Tomorrow we pick up marcia at noon. The tike differece is wicked here. BLAH! its 6hours behind. ,JSGHdfkjahedf. Yeah but shawn and i hung out....we walked on the beach at night and sat and talked for a whike. Then these kids came out... (frinds kids) and they were telling us to make out and stuff so he put his arm around me and we were just kidding and we were like walking toegther liek was cute but then jenn came out and we went back to the house because tey were all leaving....we didnt hug good bye or anything but we had fun. We talked about evreything! It was good. I felt VERY comfortable. He was bummed that i wasnt goingto the public school. Damnit. yeah so it was super fum..ill update some more later. Peace out for tonight!:-D

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