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pantera666 (pantera666) wrote,
@ 2003-11-27 00:26:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:"people = shit"- slipknot

    angry, young, and.....angry
    i fucking hate the internet. my mom deleted aol and we now use msn. i hate msn. on aol it was much simpler. i knew how to fucking send e-mails, instant messages and everything. on msn i dont know what the fuck im doing. its all fucking stupid and weird. my mom deleted aol kuz she said it costs too much and she had an expensive internet bill. well, she had aol AND msn at the same fucking time. thats why it was so godamned expensive!! i cant use aim because my mom deleted aol and it cancelled my screen name on aim. and now in order to get a new screen name i have to enable some stupid internet shit called cookies. but i dont know where the fuck i can enable cookies. so i tried using msn messenger and it made me type the whole e-mail address of the person i wanted to talk too and then said they couldnt let me talk to that person because they didnt have some thing called a transport. i dont know what that is!!! also.....some stupid fat bitch called brittany keeps fuckin calling me kuz she thinks im hot. i found out my grandma is losing her memory and is have deaf AND i have a fucking skull-splitting headache!!! fuck msn, fuck alzhiemers, and fuck headaches!!!

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