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Distant Vincent (paintkismet) wrote,
@ 2005-03-03 18:08:00
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    Beneath the rafters the angels sing, spinning violent while playing with my heart.
    Today was crappy. I was excited because Miss Ryan said Matt could come to our chorus lesson. She wrote him a pass to come play guitar eighth period, so we could practice for the Variety Show. I looked forward to it all day. Then eighth period finally came and he started to play, but Amanda and I never started to sing because we both expected eachother to start. We finally started together, and it was hard because we don't know the harmonies yet. It was difficult and sounded TERRIBLE. We tried a few times but we couldn't get it. I saw cuts on Amanda's arm and got pissed at her because I told her not to do that anymore. Miss Ryan gave her a funny look because she wondered why I was angry at Amanda. She had an idea, I think. Manders and I decided to sing it once through with the cd, and try different parts. It was HORRIFIC. But oh well, guess I'm on my own now- unless we can find someone else to help us out. Anyway- Amanda and I wanted to sing "Life Uncommon" by Jewel (it's one of our favorite songs to sing), so Miss Ryan played it for us. Our tempo was kind of inconsistant, though *coughamandacough*. Then Manders wanted to sing "Let it Be". Miss Ryan started to play the piano... and Amanda showed her the NOT cut-up arm. She said, "Look, my dog bit me." I mumbled, "Why don't you show her your other arm?" Miss Ryan told Amanda to show her and Amanda wouldn't, so they went out in the hallway. A while later Amanda burst into the room, grabbed her stuff, and said "Thanks April, now I gotta hide." Then she ran out the door. I guess they couldn't find her for a while, then they did. She called me after school. She wasn't mad at me anymore, I guess. Louis was there. I'm sorry, that girl is fucking hilarious. "Flatu-later!!!"

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