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Paigeala (paigespages) wrote,
@ 2004-03-22 16:05:00
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    today, yesterday,and tomorrow
    okay. i'm not sure i really see the point in like giving you my life story or even telling you how i'm feeling... but a couple things are necessary.
    I'm going to be writing a book soon. I feel that people need to hear me... the world would be a better place dammit. There are too many things that just spin aound in my head.
    I'm a damn smart person. I really am.
    I'm not a typical teenager... by ANY account. I recently looked at a poster of "statistics of 17 year olds" (I work at a children's health media center) and only like 4 of them apply to me. I'm not too upset about it though. I don't sit at home and wonder why I don't have backstabbing friends or if my boyfriend thinks i'm pretty or if i need to get my roots dyed again. NOPE... that just not me. and i'm sort of proud of it actually.
    My life is theater. It really is. I've never been so sure about something in my entire short life. I can't say what it is, its just like a disease, i can't help it... I love theater.
    I have minimal friends. I have really none that i completely trust or cannot live without or whatever. 2 of my best friends however are adults. my life seems to work like that. the people that i am most comfortable with aren't who they should be.
    And that is who i am and who i shall stay.

    my parents are pretty cool. i love them both dearly and get along with them fairly well. no, not even any of my mysteriously absent teenage angst goes towards them. I spend all the time i can at home. I dont have much time though. any of you in theater know exactly what i'm talking about.

    speaking of theater... I'm starting another show. It's about damn time. We just got done our school show (GUYS AND DOLLS) which really sort of rocked. I was so proud to be a part of it. ANYWAY...A.D.D.... i'm starting Tom Sawyer at DCT. I don't really know how to feel about it... i'll soon find out though. ohhh man

    i dont want any of you folks to get the wrong impression of me. But then again i dont really giva a damn. HAHAHA

    sometime later i'll go on and on. my fingers hurt now...

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