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Paul Walker (p_walker_) wrote,
@ 2003-05-19 20:20:00
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    Current mood:calm

    Finally an update. I'm alive and all, just been taking care of some personal issues and shit. I'm not even gonna get into it though. Either you know or you don't so, yeah.

    Took the baby down to the beach today. Then we went up to the animal shelter. She wants a puppy so I figured we'd go take a look and see what we come up with. She picked out this Golden Retriever puppy. She's a 2 month old female and Meadow named her Bubbles. Don't ask. Something about the blonde hair and associating it with the PowerPuff Girl..? She has this thing with wrapping her arms around the poor dog's neck and hugging it. Heh. Gonna have to work on showing her how it's done. But she's all about teaching it where to go 'potty', so we'll see. She totally reminds me of that one Bugs Bunny cartoon where that bigass snow monster or whatever keeps pounding Daffy on the head and calling him George. :: Laughs.:: Oh god. I need help.

    Alright. I'm outta here. And Devon Aoki needs to get a journal. HINT HINT DEVON.

    Edit: Ste rules all. :: Laughs.:: You too Keri. Sorry about Ali pulling her pants down for no reason infront of you guys. She has issues with that. :: Cracks up.::

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