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britt (p1nkpanther2k5) wrote,
@ 2003-10-29 21:44:00
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    Current mood:*undecided*
    Current music:christina aguilera - impossible

    i hope you don't mind that i put down in words how wonderful life is now you`re in the world!
    i so keep thinking todays thursday. i can't type either. its annoying. i keep thinkin "ooh i get paid tomrorow" nope, thas 2 days away. thas dumb. anyways my day..
    i got up at 6.30, so late but not as late as normal. lol thas funy cuz "late" implies later than normal. oh well. first hour i had american history, we got hwk :( i know im gna forget to do my proj. grr.. 2nd hour - art. my pigs takin shape yay! lol 3rd hour myths, i slept the whoooole class. ah it was nice.i even thought i slept through lunch. i think only freshman and/or sophomores should have 4th &5th lunch shifts. heh. 4th hour surfin the net. yuck. i swear that class gets worse n worse everyday.
    then after school i ran some errands. u can talk to me bout that if you're really dying to know wut i did. then i went home and ate pizza then i was nikis chaffeur. no that wasnt sarcastic.
    now i'm at home, on my computer and im in a really bad mood. i duno why. perhaps it has to do w/ an annoyin kid talkin to me. ok he's blocked.
    maayb it has to do with i jus finished reading a magazine. i hate magazines, but i dont think one has ever affected me this much. get this- teen mag'z are s'pose to promote individuality, correct? well this magazine i swear is FILLED with copy cats. like here ill find an example.
    it has this picture of jessical alba w/ a bracelet on. then it has it magnified so u can see the bracelet a little better. then it has 3 different bracelets similar to it that u can get at different places. isnt that jus saying "copy jessica alba cuz shes pretty and famous, and you're not cuz ur jus a worthless little teen" ok so its not that harsh. lol i jus realized wut else it has. one of those copy bracelets is $825, then a pendant is $1,300 and then a ring is $795 and earrings are $750! so not only is this magazine slowly lowering girls self esteem, but its lowering their bank account too! yuck. btw its seventeen magazine but now i'm gettin happier now that ive kinda vented bout that..
    lol talkin bout venting. me and kim vented to ann and eachother @ mcdees. heh fun.
    my room smells good! fINALLY!

    well anyways. my tomorrow.
    morning-i hafta mow. that sucks, but atleast i get paid!
    noon-ish- i hafta go up to the school and take a test:(
    after that-i have no idea
    after that- prolly go home and be a loner.


    shaving cream fight?
    movies at nikis?
    i know i hafta work. that sorta sucks. workin on Halloween.

    im so happy we have a 4 day weekend:-) i need the sleep pretty bad. heh.

    it's impossible for me to love you this way..-C. Aguilera

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