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Oscar (ozzee217) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 04:30:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:none

    "what the fuck"
    It's fucking 4 in the morning i'ts so boring i dont think i've ever been this bored ever so i decided to write an entry, well my first entry so here it goes.. right now i'm chillen w/ my friend chris, its been a slow night with shit to do , i dont even know why im awake i think i have that insomia thing cause i acnt fall asleep thanksgiving was cool i guess didnt really have anything i wanted to be thankfull for i dont know if thats normal especially on that day. I guess i must be a greedy or sellfish person but i didnt find anything to be thankfull for other than my health. It sux when every one you know is asleep when your not and you dont have anyone to talk to cause if you call one of them they get all pissed cause their sleeping and you woke them up, but i got chris here who is awake just like me, you see theres a friend if he or she will stay up with you till you get tired i guess hes one of the few friends left in the world. if you look back when you get in troble and who gets you out of trouble is a friend but the person who you got in trouble with and was there with you is a best friend. So there you have my first entry on the journal, if you read this send me a message and tell me "what the fuck are you talking about, cause i dont know maybe you can tell me" peace.!

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